Monday, June 30

A startling discovery

The Doctor takes a break to monitor the aether frequencies. He huffs at the angry retort of some paranoid husband and takes a sip of his tea. Then, he sees the image of one of the many urchins in New Babbage. His teacup falls from his hand and shatters on the stone floor of his laboratory. He confirms the date of transmission. He manipulates the knobs to focus on the fur of the young neko...the tail...the ears...the bare footpaws...

He sorts through his family album, comparing the picture on the screen to ones in his possession.

" CAN'T be!"

He bolts from his seat, slamming the iron door behind him. A picture of Koen floats to the floor, and a small trickle of tea crosses over the face of the picture.

shall I stand a total stranger on this day in this stone chamber

Not one being known to dally as a bloody pulp across the barnacles of an aether-going trireme, Bloodwing vanished in a gout of flame before the two whirling ships collided. Over the heads of the rescue team below, the Master Fleet of the Imperial Navy of the Obsidian King was shattering against itself. Most of them failed to notice as they hastily donned their life-support masks in the dying atmosphere, even as they held back the tentacled abomination blocking their escape path with coherent energy beams, lead pellets and blessed sodium crystals.

A burst of flame in the Engine Room heralded the arrival of the Fleet's former Captain. He loomed over the shape slumped over within the energy-chains, the flame of his crown the only illumination.

"Qlippothic?" He lifted her chin, and let it drop. With a moment of hesitation, his red hand unlatched the transparent portal of the android's fusion reactor. It was cold as the Void that all but drained every last breath of air from New Erebus.

"You're not here! That damned Council always interfering in Sovereign affairs! All they're missing are emerald power rings..."

He lowered his horns and shook his head at the lifeless eyes. "I am so sorry Qli...I would have allowed you the glory of martyrdom...until the last moment at least." He looked up at the darkened controls. He pulled back his wings and paced a few moments, shaking his head. "The Council will pay for this...indeed...just not by me..." He took several deep breaths of the now trace atmosphere and reigned down on the android's body with two flaming fists. Hardware shattered in all directions. He grabbed hold of the floating links of chain. And poured his own demonfire through them with glowing limbs rippling down his veins with burning ichor.

He gritted his fangs as he struggled make the ship an extension of himself. "Qli made this easy..."

"Yes, she did...didn't she?" His concentration was interrupted as he looked up to see a crossbow aimed at his chest. The head of the quarreled glimmered from enchantments. He smirk spread across his face at the sight of Jeremiah Mason in an aether suit, facing him down with an ancient weapon.

Sunday, June 29

Pictures from Boilerplate/Clockwork Day: Shiny Goodness!!

Images captured by Mr. Xavier Wilkinson, Winner of Most Intimidating Construct
Dr. Mason joins the Flickr Generation!

Mutiny on the Narcissus

As the flagship of the Black Triremes dove, the horde of demons above deck advanced towards the forward bow with intent to rend their Captain, Bloodwing, limb from limb.

The newly reinstated Prince was quite ready to dispatch them all until a violent shift in the trajectory of New Erebus through the aether caused the ship, and the entire fleet, to spin wildly. The captain's wheel, which more resembled the wrought iron skeleton of a spiked orb with dozens of astrolabes of razorwire orbiting menacingly inside, to shriek and radiate a shower of sparks as it attempted to compensate.

Bloodwing dug his nails into the railing until it crumpled in his grip as he watched the crew and equipment fly in all directions. A purple yeti-like creature with antlers howled as he tumbled headlong into the captain's wheel, splattering Bloodwing and everything else around him in black ichor. As he murmured about losing his best cook, he felt the ripples of another portal opening...and then an absence.


He raised his head to see the hull of another Trireme descend upon the bow of the Narcissus like a hammer.

Thursday, June 26

Regency: Civility and Incorrigibility

Last night I returned to Regency from New Babbage, shortly after being distracted from my supplementary experiments by the mysterious rumblings through Pallisade. Hoping to avoid another storm as what kept me from the Steelhead town meeting before, I used a scaled-down version of Qli-1's Galvanic Tesseractor. Due to some variants in the chonal magnafluctuator which have yet to be resolved, I had arrived in Regency to watch from a safe distance as my younger self bolted into the air in his Copper Man armor to fly at hypersonic speeds to Babbage (and still arrive a half-hour late.). I had hoped to take advantage of this temporal overlap by getting some extra sleep (always good to stay out of trouble in these instances.)

After paying the Guvna's bills first I did come across a new neighbor in Regency, a vulpine tiny named...Miss Meadow, I believe? She sells clothing, furniture and bedding for the miniature avatar. She may at some point sew anough tiny-quiltes together to make one human-sized one for sale.

I was just ready to catch up on my sleep when I heard a commotion outside. A house was on fire!Luckily the residents were quickly evacuated from the area, but if only one of my daughters were still running the CVFB we could have prevented this loss of property! I can at least take comfort in that no injuries were reported to me.

Word around town is a ne'er-do-well named Phineas Matova burned down the house, which was the property of his Aunt. Judging from the empty bottle of liquor tossed in my courtyard, he must have been falling-down drunk. It's a good thing he didn't toss it onto the AoA Embassy grounds across the street. We could have had an international incident!

Later I was told by a frightened young lady that this bounder was sick and slurring to the point of incomprehensibility, save some rambling about Unicorns. This poor sod needs to placed in medical care. Perhaps Mr. Fourway can prepare a bed for him in Tam' where he can shake off the delirium tremens.

Goings on in Babbage (updated)

The All-Clear
The Hand epidemic seems to have subsided for now. I would like to thank Dr. Fabre and Dr. Dayafter for coordinating the research for a treatment, as well as the groundswell of concerned citizens that joined in the Innoculation Brigade. But stay vigilant! As look as one citizen walks among us as an asymptomatic carrier, or one fragment of that cursed claw remains improperly disposed of, we must still be on watch for a resurgence of that foul pestilencce!

The Celebration
Yet another successful event at the Muses Playhouse! Nurse Katat0nic's creepy irresistibly cute Clockwork Cats were the mechanized life of the Boilerplate/Clockwork Day Party, scampering and swooping everywhere! Our own Miss Lily was voted the Cutest Construct and won the elusive Doll avatar the fans of Axis Mundi have been clamoring for! Mr. Xavier Wilkinson won the priize for Most Intimidating Construct. (Honestly, he never rezzed for me, but it must have been something amazing considering the other juggernauts I could see in the crowd!) Dr. Mitsu Figaro played an energizing mix of choons under the banner of Radio Riel. We had a wonderful sculpture of a *ahem* globe-trotting robot by Miss Almiya Thyer. Which has...apparently dribbled off.

The constructs must have been celebrating all night...I heard the rumble of something bigger than Mr. Hassanov passing by Novem from my laboratory in the wee hours of the morning!

After a quick vote we decided that since we're in Babbage we'll do as the Babbagians Babbagadonians Babbage-headers?? Babbagers do and celebrate Submersible Day! We'll have an underwater theme. Now, where can I find a fishtank big enough...?

The Remembrance
On a more somber note, a memorial plaque was placed on the Novem grounds in honor of our slain staff member, Monique Justice. Her revenant was most grateful to the citizens of Babbage for writing a dignified afterward to a life that played a strong hand with the cards she was dealt, had only the game not been interrupted so unfairly.

Wednesday, June 25

Polish Your Plates and Oil Your Gears!

Tonight's the Big Night! Boilerplate/Clockwork Night at Novem: The Muses Playhouse
New Babbage, Babbage Pallisade

Music by Dr. Mitsu Figaro and Radio Riel!

Clockwork Kitty Avatar from Axis Mundi for the CUTEST CONSTRUCT!

A coupon for ONE FREE AVATAR from ANYWHERE in Grendel's Children for the MOST INTIMIDATING CONSTRUCT!

Robot Trivia Prizes!

Possible Guest RL Artist Appearance!

Meet the Amazing Copper Man!
Observe the Gyrations of the Gynoid Marvels of Our Modern Age!
Free Robot Avatars for the Organics!
Brought to you by:
Miss Lily Nightfire
Miss Vivian Looming
Dr. Darien Mason

A Disambiguation of "Steampunk"

Starring Chief Librarian Sir JJ Drinkwater and Dr. Darien James Mason

A conversation rgarding the article at Secondlife ArtsParks

me: "Sid Vicious in the sauna?"
JJ: gives you quite an image, dunnit?
me: I'm not even sure how to react to it
I guess the Doctor would check him for a pulse...
JJ: Sheena is a SteamPunkrocker?
me: Sheena who?
JJ: sighs
You kiids today!
"Sheena is a punkrocker"
The Ramones
me: "punkrocker yeah yeah yeah punkrocker?"
JJ: That one, yes
me: that's what he was saying
"Machine I am...punkrocker machine I am...punkrocker!"
JJ: ooooh!!!!
Well said, sir!
me: Well that's what happens when you Spark with 80's music in the background
my personal Mondegreen
((can I blog this sublimely rediculous conversation?))
JJ: ((by all means!))
JJ: A personal Mondegreen?
Sounds like a very fast racecar...that somehow always ends up on the wrong track
me: or off the track
JJ: Drives up sides of buildings....but only when you're trying to park in front of them
me: Secondlife ArtsParks? Shouldn't it be ArtSparks? Or SparkParts?
JJ: heh
Must be that new standardized spelling

me: /me wonders if someone put something in his tea

Monday, June 23

Again with the memes!

As Frau Lowey has counted coup I must respond.

1. write the title to your own memoir using six words.
2. post it on your blog.
3. link to the person that tagged you.
4. tag five more blogs.

1. The Journal of Dr. Darien Mason.

There. That was easy.

2. it

3. see above

4. I tag...
Amber Palowakski

Eugenia Burton


Iason Hassanov

Malegatto Alter

Friday, June 20

Finally, a Cure!!

The disease had become mutagenic. Those who ingested the flesh or "nectar" of the Hand or had even been too close were growing scales and fangs, and most terrifyingly an insatiable desire to consume human flesh. I ceased testing immediately and compiled the compounds that Dr. Dayafter and I had spent weeks synthesizing. My Spark turned every piece of metal I could reach into an ether-oscillation distance vaccination device.

I met a group of concerned citizens and gave them a crash course in innoculation of hostile patients.

Within an hour we found our first patient. I was ready to open fire with the treatment, but one of our company was able to apply a cure with a bit of subterfuge.

Pictures from Imperium Novem

I must have angered the gods, for upon my return to the Hospital...

Novem Heights: Upscale Living in Babbage Pallisades

Four spacious one-room studios joined by a luxurious lobby with a grand piano. 100 prims of your furnishings will bring you luxurious comfort in a refuge from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in New Babbage. Conveniently close to shopping centers and Novem: the Muses Playhouse, the premier entertainment spot in New Babbage.

Looking for a flat AND a job? Work at the Muses Playhouse and get an employee discount!

Contact MissLily Nightfire for details.

Thursday, June 19

Novem: Boilerplate Day Celebration, Wed. 25 June

June 25th is officially Boilerplate Day in New Babbage, a celebration of constructs, robots, androids, clanks, mecha, dolls, nanobytes...a way to let all of our self-aware artificial friends, loved ones and servants know that we truly appreciate and care about them.

Being the Creator of many such beings, including Qlippothic, Gematria and Ash, I can tell you that AIs are people too. I...

*removes his goggles and takes a deep breath*

(And yes my children, I love you all. I miss you Qli. I hope you'll come back to our Age again soon. first creation...I'm sorry I failed you. I accept you have a new name and your own directives. Give me the chance to get to know you again. Bloodwing is gone, you shouldn't let me abandon you as well to my Spark. Ash, don't be afraid to interrupt me. It's as important for me to help you develop your psyche as it is your frame. And to all my lovely Dolls...I gave you life, I built you or repaired you, and I promise to help you maintain it. You are no less important to me than the constructs I call Family, and you can be Family as well if you choose.)

This event will be held at 7pm on the lawn outside the building. That way we avoid excessive exhaust and radium exposure. Also I realize that some of our mechanical friends have forms too big to fit in the building itself!

Best Male and Best Female Android may not work in this situation, since some AIs lack a definable gender. Therefore the prizes will go to MOST INTIMIDATING CONSTRUCT and CUTEST CONSTRUCT. So yes, both ED-209 and WALL-E could theoretically win the same event. Prizes are still being considered. I'm willing to offer a one-hour maintenance session to any winner. I may also offer an online gift certificate.

Foundation Day (pics to follow)

Dear Miss Orr,

Thank you for the box of rabid squirrels and tin of chocolate laxatives. The practical uses for these gifts know no bounds!

Dear Colenel O'Toole,

Thank you saving the works of the Bard from ruin through your valiant efforts to make my rendition of a bored and jaded King Theseus from A Midsummer Night's Dream somewhat palatable. While I have mastered cellular regeneration and time travel, upgrading Mac freeware seems to be beyond my skillset.

Dear Miss Lily and Miss Vivian,

Thank you SO much for staging that event for me! The reenactment of the Girls on Film video by your staff was a nice touch. I do hope you have recovered from that nasty case of the Babbage Flu!

And for everyone else, thank you for attending the Imperium Novem/Foundation Day party at the Muses Playhouse last night! Over 25 avatars crowded the main floor in Greco-Roman attire to watch our Muse Eve Eyres perform the Dance of the Seven Veils. Then they were treated to the sounds of Radio Riel by my dear friend Dr. Mitsu Figaro, with several selections influenced by my list of favorites.

I read several pieces of Roman trivia (some subject to debate) for prizes, and let them guess my Deva's age.

The Best Costumes for the night were won by Emperor Clausius (aka Baron Klaus Wulfenbach) and the Minoan Priestess, Eugenia Burton.

*hides the rest of the pictures in his drawer*

~Dr. Mason

Monday, June 16

there are things that one should never see

Bloodwing peered down over the deck of the trireme at the tentacled beast that emerged from the Gygax. Mermet's claw was still in his hand. The smell of the scorched crustacean was not altogether...unpalatable.


The Founder turned, the Second Mate, Abrax, stood at attention, concern discernible in his beady eyes, and of the crew behind him. He looked to the claw and raised it.

"THIS is the price of daring to conspire against your Prince! Does anyone ELSE dare challenge me?"

The crew immediately scrambled to their posts. Being demons, the were of course always conspiring. But when the superior was keenly aware of it, and proven resistant to it, he could expect much more loyalty, at least as long as he remained strong.

"Dive closer to the battle!" He held the rail tightly as the retreat of the rescue party rose closer to his own horizon.

Qli-2 severed a tentacle with her blades as it lunged at Annechen, and the remainder snapped back just as quickly as the severed length dissolved a narrow trench into the stone floor. The hail of energy bots made the surface of the gelatinous body of the Pandorus hiss and smoke, but did not seem to slow it down. The body of Jeremiah inside the transparent prison slowly dissolved before their eyes until only its skeleton floated inside.

Qli-3 shuddered as she struggled to keep her fusion reactor burning beyond its designed maximum output to keep up with the demands of the atmospheric breach on the life support systems of New Erebus. Looking up from the shackles she held closed around herself. She called out to the footsteps she heard coming closer in the lengthening shadows of the dying city.

"Why have you returned? Were the ships destroyed?"

"No, Qlippothic...not just yet..."

"What is Dr. Mason shouting down there, Abrax?" Abrax flicked his antennae as he peered over the edge, pressing his massive claws on the railing as the angle grew steeper.

"Apologies?" Bloodwing crossed his arms, tapping Mermet's steaming claw against his lips. He arched his brow.

"No. That's not it." He casually tossed the claw over the edge of the ship. Then he and the Second Mate looked to each other. "Do you have wings, Abrax?"

"No Sir. Mermet was of a rare mutation..."

"Spare me the geneology course Abrax," he said as he hoisted the Second Mate over his horns. Abrax struggled in the demon's grip as his antennae doged the flames of the Prince's crown.

"MY LIEGE! I have done nothing to..."

"TO BATTLE!! DIE WITH HONOR!!" Bloodwing hurled the alarmed quisling over his head to curve downwards towards the fracas below. He turned, and noticed the rest of the chitinous crew were climbing down from the masts and advancing upon him. He growled as he raised his wings. "MAN YOUR POSTS!"

Cure found???

Mr. Yifu's irritations of lungs and eyes appear to have abated following consumption of "nectar", apparently a fermented beverage from same port of origin as the contagious materials. Must ask him about the mouth sores.

Pulled a drowned and heavily inebriated sky pirate from the side of the pier. Approximate length of suffocation 20 minutes. Applied direct cardiac injection of Reanimation Serum. (Subject had used breathing apparatus near the Hand, chance of exponential interaction close to nil.) Positive reaction immediate, chances of neural damage minor when compared to his binge drinking. Left bill for services rendered (and laundry) with bystander to present when his pockets dry.

Happy Occasions!

A whirl of green and salacious talk reigned as Dr. Mitsu Figaro heralded her return to the Grid for a dance in Winterfell Absinthe!

Lumina Elvejhem celebrated her second year on the Grid with a party in her skybox that would make the Medici family jealous!

Let's not forget all of the Fathers out there, either. Wear your ties and cologne proudly!

And most wonderful of all, Kira's player brought new life to the world last night. Take a rest my dear, you deserve it!


Taking things a bit too far?

Friday, June 13

Updates on the Epidemic

The hand was scheduled for public burning, but someone burned it early at the owner's storefront. New symptom: green, painful sores around the mouth. Analyzing tissue and serum sample.

Attempting to find antibiotic properties in the species of new Caledon mushrooms that will react to the Hand factor.

Body of murder victim missing. NOT ME. Too busy working on this cure! Tell this Miskatonic Watch Group to stop interrupting with all these questions! Will take a break for Foundation Day.

Ash tells me Qli-3 is undergoing radical psychic transformations. I will have to speak to her and Mr. Fourway after this crisis is resolved.

Foundation Day at Imperium Novem: 18 June, 7:30pm

Even thought the Bloodwing Foundation is no more, I think it's still important to celebrate the birthday of the Deva that guides the destinies of all the family members. Even if he has crushed us and scattered us to the winds. Perhaps he can be supplicated to grant us a happier and prosperous year to come.

It will be held in Babbage Pallisades at the Muses Playhouse (SLURL at the bottom of this journal), the theme will be Ancient Roman, so wear your toga. Apparently the first Seventh Son to start this tradition was a Senator. I'm sure the Founder fed well.

Escorts (the kind to walk you home safely) will be provided for the ladies of Babbage in light of recent events.

~Dr. Mason

SL5B to Kids: Seperate but Equal and No Naptime!

I am utterly dumbfounded. The Lindens must assume the SL Children live a Charlie Brown paradigm where the parents and teachers are always off-screen and sound like trumpets. They would force Santa Claus to IM the little ones instead of let them sit on his lap. And just forget about the manger tableau (ZOMG there are ANIMALS in that scene!) And banning beds in any context whatsoever? They would have them curl up in abandoned buildings to sleep like the urchnis of New Babbage!

Come to think of it, maybe the Lindens have been eating Roast Finger Sandwiches lately. That would explain everything.

Thursday, June 12

No Cure yet, but at least a Treatment

The diluted form of an anti-lycanthropy treatment does appear to be alleviating the symptoms. They finally plan to burn that cursed Hand. And of course they're going to stand around and gawk at it and inhale the fumes. In so many ways New Babbage is an experiment in Social Darwinism.

Still trying to bring some fresh ideas to Novem despite the plagues and murders. Build more specialized rooms. Plant a giant absinthe fairy on the roof to entice customers. Fix the stairs.

I finally had the chance to make the acquaintance of Miss Alter. Why waste your skills on people so eager to infect themselves, she asked. After discussing the virtues of leeches as medical treatment, I was invited to her laboratory. Indeed she has innovative ideas.

We spoke at length about what defines us as good and evil. Is it the heritage of the monsters we were born from that cast shadows on our souls? The societal behaviors we embrace or reject? The acts of putting your children in danger or denying them a chance to fulfill thier destinies? Or is it just the ignorance of the masses that chase us with torches and pitchforks? Can Conscience or the blind pursuit of Science justify anything?

Much to think about indeed...

Wednesday, June 11

Murder at our Doorstep

I had taken an airship to Steelhead to attend a town meeting and speak with the Sheriff about some surprising results of testing the Hand, but my vessel fell headlong into violent storms. Even the Marconi equipment was damaged. I weathered the storm until it disapated and turned back to Babbage. When I got back the paperboy showed me this:

I haven't had the chance to view the body yet. I would simpy reanimate her, but if she was infected with the Hand bacteria when she died, who knows what would happen.

I will still Host at the Muses Playhouse tonight. With all the misery in town right now, their spirits need to be lifted as badly as their immune systems. The show, as they say, must go on.

ADDENDUM: Using my mystic training I was able to contact the spirit of the Departed. She thanked me for the offer, but she stated she solely wished for Rest. If she decides not to "go towards the light", she is welcome to contact me again, and I will build her a new form with what is available.

Tuesday, June 10

Collected Notes on the Progress (and lack thereof) on the Hand Dilemna

(Reprinted from the Society Journal for your convenience)

7 June

Ash retrieved the samples. The safest route as he has no respiratory system to infect. Sanitized chassis with galvanic field afterwards.Get update from Beaumonts on autoclave.Despite the appearance of death it would appear that the tissue samples remain alive...hence the resurgence of blood at the wound, cellular regeneration seen under microscope, for what goal? Parallels to Mason formula of Reanimation Serum cannot be ignored. Cannot confirm eye-witness report that musculature is still active.The hand is closer to Reptilian than any other known species. Claw possesses opposable thumb! Strong indication of intelligence. Draconian? Claw was severed using a sharp, long thin blade...sword? Research origin: island of Svarga in Southern hemisphere. Slain by Mr. Yifu's grandfather: Stanley Effingham.Scrapings from the claws: sandy soil and dried blood from several species. Test for traces of human RBCs: POSITIVE

Ash had delivered an addition sample...cooked medium rare, on a bun??Oh no. The fool has disposed of the claw by cutting it up and serving it at a local tavern!!!This nation SERIOUSLY needs a Minister of Health!

9 June, 5am
Miss Lily and Miss Vivian have had minimal symptoms from exposure to the Hand and seem to have completely recovered. At first I thought it may have been from their strengthened immune systems developed due to the nature of the profession. However when they mentioned that they had great-great-grandparents from Svarga (from the area the Hand originated) I made the connection.Both ladies have consented to submit blood samples. I will work on isolating an antibody for as long as it takes.Symptoms have progressed from bloody cough to green mucous. Also reports that what remains of the Hand itself has begun to turn green and shrivel as well.I will continue to this line of research for the rest of the day and into the night until I have a cure!-Dr. Mason

9 June, 11pm

Isolating antibodies not enough...the solution is undoubtedly more complex. The best I can do now is treat the symptoms while everyone goes on a scavenger hunt for ingredients, which I will gladly test and synthesize should they hold promise.People are telling me they saw me in the shadows at times when I was busy in the lab. It must be mistaken identity, or delirium. He can't have survived. HE CAN'T! I can't even think straight. I must rest. I did not mean to give you false hope, New Babbage. I am sorry.

10 June
Conflicting reports of Mr. Yifu's health (Patient Zero) as violently ill despite personal claims of improvement. Explorers scouring the city and departing in all directions looking for anything that can help. Will test a more refined vitamin treatment.

Rumors of a "healing well". Will test water purity, compare with saline solution.

Sunday, June 8

Happily Stranded!

Taking a much needed break from this epidemic problem, I had the pleasure of stopping by the Cay celebration of publication of the first issue of The Strand, a periodical by and for Caledonians! Radio Riel played a surprising playlist of Latin/Celtic fusion, including a rendition of the theme of that salsa-dancing Time Lord, Doctor Quien!

Ash was very excited when he came back from Steelhead. Apparently the Jagers want to make him an honorary member. He also told me there was a separate conversation going on in a "female language" that he was not privy to. I told him to get used to it.

Friday, June 6

The Gearz Grand Opening, and Fuzzball's Birthday

Two wonderful occasions in one! The theme was "Steampunk", so I decided to attend in my new Mason Labs Brass Man Pressure Suit (reverse-engineered from schematics freely distributed by Stark Labs)to test the flexibility of movement. Except for the slow reaction time expected from a large amount of prim movement in one space, it worked quite well. I'm grateful the glass floor under our feet was strong enough to hold my 100-pound exoskeleton, since the suit was still not 100% airtight and falling into open pipes of molten metal would have ruined my night.

A spectacular build, this Gearz. The spectacular view of the basement, the rich wood paneling, and the opulant DJ booth take that hard-to-capture essense fo Steelhead's Gaslamp Fantasy ideal to a whole new level. I predict I'll be showingup there quite often...just not wearing so many prims.

I lost my arm but I still have a brain

They're pulling me back. The Pandoran has been freed by Jeremiah. He must have thought it was the corpse of Bloodwing. He was partially correct. Why didn't I throw that crate into a volcano? Why did I wait to eject it into the aether before we were intercepted?

This is all my fault. I never should have built the Retcon Device. Koen would still be at home recovering. My daughter wouldn't be sacrificing herself to save us.

I see Jeremiah's body suspended in that oozing abomination. Is he still alive in there? Or has his soul escaped to another body on this ship, or somewhere back on Earth?

It's driven to reunite with what it was separated from. From the demon. From me, from when the demon and I tried to blend one form and one soul. From Ash, a signle fragment carrying a soul of its own.

My mechanical arm is destroyed. Too flimsy to wield as an axe of even a club. I am exhausted from the torture...not enough energy left to invoke with one hand. Just give me a pistol...something with range...

It has to have a weakness. Part we have holy water? It has Mason clonetype DNA...concentrated...


Bursting with pride!

Alright, which one of you scoundrels referred my journal for mention as a must-see in New World Notes? I must say I'm pleased as punch!

Now, can I get some help with this xenopathogenic emergency brewing in New Babbage?

~Dr. Mason

TSO Rebooted, Powering Off

At the end of July EA-land (formerly known as The Sims Online) is shutting down and offering consolation coupons for POGO.

I'm a bit sad to see it go. TSO was the first MMORPG I played that wasn't an easy link from MUDConnector. I used to play the original Sims game for as many hours a week as I play SL now. Therefore it was an effortless transition to TSO. 90% of the controls in TSO were the same as the home version.

My primary character was a fuzzy, purple horned Sendak-style monster named Herne, who always spoke in third person. His best friend was a polar bear. They had a secret handshake and they called each other "fuzzbro". He used to scare people just by showing up and threatened to eat people that made him mad. He told people in Grateful Dead themed sims not to worry, that he was just a flashback. Pass the bubble-pipe?

The one thing I miss from TSO is the Pizza Game. Four sims (avatars) would gather around a square table with pizza ingredients. Each player would have three slots filled with dough, sauce, cheese, and/or a topping, in amounts for a Small, Medium or Large pizza. Each player would yell out a code like "LD SS MC" to say what they had and the leader would arrange the ingredients. Screw up or run out of time and you had a burned mess. Make an edible pizza and you earned Simoleans. Make a large Pizza Supremo you got a bonus.

Herne eventually bought a house that turned into the Monster's Ballroom, which became the third most popular nightclub in his city.

One big problem? TSO had a monthly fee, and Simoleans were never exchangeable for RL currency. In fact you couldn't even transfer your Simoleans to your alt in another server-town. There was a thriving black market of halawa style money-changers to do it for you, or just rob you blind. So, no chance of player profit whatsoever.

And they wonder why they failed?

Funniest thing I ever saw in TSO: Fight Club. It wasn't a combat game. That made it even funnier.

Happiest event: Herne got on a game show and won...a wooden chair. He immediately asked for ketchup.

Hmmm...if I put him in a unifom and a schmot hat...*OOF!* (tackled by his avatars)

Thursday, June 5

danger all-consuming

Bloodwing's flame over his crown sputtered and his eyes grew wide in alarm as Qli-3 told him that Jeremiah Mason had emerged in another cloned body. He brushed aside the shattered remains of the last Steel drones with a rush of his wings as he strode bare-hooved back to where Qli-3 was entwined by massive chains into the pulsing crystalline engines of the floating city dubbed New Erebus.

"Darien...brought the Pandoran with him? He transported my corrupted remains along with the shell?" He paused to look at the lobster-like arm of his servant he had just destroyed, then continued to gesture with it. "Did he not realize...?"

"He was going to eject the crate into deep space before they drones captured us! So Earth would never unearth such horror by accident!" I expained with urgency. His stance of supreme confidence faded as his wings lowered. He furrowed his brow in concern.

"It seeks to become complete again, but it will consume everything in its path. It will head straight for those it used to be part of. If it's already absorbed Jeremiah's new clone, which is identical to Darien's form...that means it's almost as powerful as myself now. It will sense Darien and the shard of my bone that is now Ash, and compound its strength."

"And if it absorbs you Father," continued Qli-3, "only the gods could stop it!" The demon growled under his breach as he looked up at the fleet of black ships, then back at the chitinous limb carried in his hand, which he tucked under his arm.

"It seems I'll have a use for them after all!" He crouched, then bolted upwards towards the lead ship.

Wednesday, June 4

we're in the doldrums

My discussions with Dr. Fourway are progressing splendidly. In the meantime it seems I've caught this infernal New Babbage Cough. I suspect tonight's gathering at Novem will turn into an impromptu clinic. I've asked Ash to retreive my satchel. I should probably stay in Babbage a few days to see how this malady progresses...and to avoid spreading this outbreak to the other sims.

In the meantime I've found a steady flow of tea is soothing for the throat and sinuses. I can't say the same for some poor fool who made absinthe pie as a folk remedy.

~Dr. Mason

Tuesday, June 3

Linden Labs Cries Uncle?

They've extended the deadline and are looking for more volunteers. Hmmm.

Quoth the Lindens...

All exhibits, in substance and form, are PG on Linden Land. Any Resident can submit an application to exhibit. A team of Lindens and Resident organizers will review the applications, and if accepted, builders can be in any avatar form they choose (provided they are within PG guidelines).

Which could mean you could be refused for being primarily in a child avatar, but if you show up as a child after your build is up there's nothing they can do about it.
Maybe I'm just being cynical.


Why the change? Simply put, the increasing complexity of these events requires more staffing and infrastructure than an all-volunteer organizing team. Second, we are responding to calls by Residents to take a more active role in improving the quality of life on the Mainland. Our intent is always to keep SL growing, vibrant, safe, diverse, astonishing….and eventually even stable ;-).

I've got to pity those Mainlanders if they're asking the Lindens to improve their quality of life. That's like asking the guy who runs the boiler room to be the head of your condo association.

Just my $2L. I think I'll still go to the Kids SL5B celebration instead. I haven't had cotton candy in years.


A Farewell to Koen

The mortals had almost evacuated. Very good, Bloodwing thought. He did not want them present if the squabble with Sekhmet turned into inter-pantheon conflict. Ra-Horus was still sore over the Library of Alexandria. And he and Sekhmet had...History.

His son watched with sadness as K'rra fled with her fellow adventurers. The demon sensed sense in her soul that she believed her love, when he said they would be together again in another life as they always had. Was it not natural for envy to linger in his heart for them?

Darien glanced back at Sekhmet. Surely she must have seemed somewhat familiar to him. But her sidelong glance of twin embers was more than enough to shake him from his combat fatugue. He reluctantly gathered his broken prosthesis and followed the rest.

Vortex approached her mother, trying to recollect the eternal memories of his immortal self. She pulled in her burning claws, and the flames abated. Her fur grew dark save for the ears and paws and tail.

"S...Sumalee? You incarnated as a mortal to birth me as Koen?"

Vortex pulled back the claws of his own demonic form, and he shifted to Bloodtail form as they embraced.

"The gods of the Nile, like many others," she said in a sweet, hushed tone devoid of malice, "are so powerful that our true selves can never be encompassed by solely one form. I was born as the incarnation of Sekhmet, a living goddess to the Bloodtail tribe. My fury alone held all the warring tribes at bay, even when still a kitten. Your mortal grandfather incapacitated me from a long range, that I could not stare him down and burn away his soul before the poison of his dart laid me low. When he pulled my claws from me, my incarnation changed from Sekhmet to my other form...Hathor, the Mother Goddess."

Koen looked at the clawless digits of the semblance of his old form.

"That's why I was born without claws on my hand-claws? I'm only Sekhmet's son when I possess them?"

"Correct, my son. This form is...passive. I knew that when I came of age, you would reincarnate as my child. I would never have denied you that chance."

"When did you become Sekhmet again?"

"The gods...took me back. They said I was needed. Come back to Heliopolis with me, my son. Let us finish a lifetime this. Like it should have been. I have always preferred this form to be honest, though Sekhmet would say the opposite."

"I think I'm the only person here that understands that. Why did she let you become Hathor again?"

"She insisted. She is Vengence, yes, but she is also fair."

"Is she going to punish Darien?"

"No. Even though he hurt us, he protected us all from the wrath of the Fates by stepping into his Father's role. And his anguish is more than punishment enough."

He looked back to Qli-3.

"Go Koen," she said as the light from her reactor dimmed slightly, "what the Steels must do is too dangerous for spectators, even for the gods..."

Koen was tempted to embrace her, but then remembered what the chains had already done to him and two others.

"Goodbye, Sister. Thank you for rescuing me. I will return to..."

Qli-3 smiled, but shook her head sadly.

"You are welcome, brother. Enjoy the family you were denied in peace."

Bloodwing nodded silently to the two nekos as they were consumed by rays as dazzling as the sun. The demon winced from the glare, then looked up at the hovering fleet of golden triremes and sighed.

"Someone in our family gets a happy ending after all."

A similar brilliance shone a moment on the ship in lead formation, and they turned their rudders and unfurled their solar sails to head home.

A cheer rose from the black ships above. A shape descended from the main ship in an irregular spiral. As it grew closer those below could hear the drone of its four insect-like wings. The crustacean-demon landed, it chitinous legs scraping clear lines upon the dusty stones of the station with a grinding echo and a shower of sparks.