Thursday, June 26

Goings on in Babbage (updated)

The All-Clear
The Hand epidemic seems to have subsided for now. I would like to thank Dr. Fabre and Dr. Dayafter for coordinating the research for a treatment, as well as the groundswell of concerned citizens that joined in the Innoculation Brigade. But stay vigilant! As look as one citizen walks among us as an asymptomatic carrier, or one fragment of that cursed claw remains improperly disposed of, we must still be on watch for a resurgence of that foul pestilencce!

The Celebration
Yet another successful event at the Muses Playhouse! Nurse Katat0nic's creepy irresistibly cute Clockwork Cats were the mechanized life of the Boilerplate/Clockwork Day Party, scampering and swooping everywhere! Our own Miss Lily was voted the Cutest Construct and won the elusive Doll avatar the fans of Axis Mundi have been clamoring for! Mr. Xavier Wilkinson won the priize for Most Intimidating Construct. (Honestly, he never rezzed for me, but it must have been something amazing considering the other juggernauts I could see in the crowd!) Dr. Mitsu Figaro played an energizing mix of choons under the banner of Radio Riel. We had a wonderful sculpture of a *ahem* globe-trotting robot by Miss Almiya Thyer. Which has...apparently dribbled off.

The constructs must have been celebrating all night...I heard the rumble of something bigger than Mr. Hassanov passing by Novem from my laboratory in the wee hours of the morning!

After a quick vote we decided that since we're in Babbage we'll do as the Babbagians Babbagadonians Babbage-headers?? Babbagers do and celebrate Submersible Day! We'll have an underwater theme. Now, where can I find a fishtank big enough...?

The Remembrance
On a more somber note, a memorial plaque was placed on the Novem grounds in honor of our slain staff member, Monique Justice. Her revenant was most grateful to the citizens of Babbage for writing a dignified afterward to a life that played a strong hand with the cards she was dealt, had only the game not been interrupted so unfairly.

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