Thursday, June 26

Regency: Civility and Incorrigibility

Last night I returned to Regency from New Babbage, shortly after being distracted from my supplementary experiments by the mysterious rumblings through Pallisade. Hoping to avoid another storm as what kept me from the Steelhead town meeting before, I used a scaled-down version of Qli-1's Galvanic Tesseractor. Due to some variants in the chonal magnafluctuator which have yet to be resolved, I had arrived in Regency to watch from a safe distance as my younger self bolted into the air in his Copper Man armor to fly at hypersonic speeds to Babbage (and still arrive a half-hour late.). I had hoped to take advantage of this temporal overlap by getting some extra sleep (always good to stay out of trouble in these instances.)

After paying the Guvna's bills first I did come across a new neighbor in Regency, a vulpine tiny named...Miss Meadow, I believe? She sells clothing, furniture and bedding for the miniature avatar. She may at some point sew anough tiny-quiltes together to make one human-sized one for sale.

I was just ready to catch up on my sleep when I heard a commotion outside. A house was on fire!Luckily the residents were quickly evacuated from the area, but if only one of my daughters were still running the CVFB we could have prevented this loss of property! I can at least take comfort in that no injuries were reported to me.

Word around town is a ne'er-do-well named Phineas Matova burned down the house, which was the property of his Aunt. Judging from the empty bottle of liquor tossed in my courtyard, he must have been falling-down drunk. It's a good thing he didn't toss it onto the AoA Embassy grounds across the street. We could have had an international incident!

Later I was told by a frightened young lady that this bounder was sick and slurring to the point of incomprehensibility, save some rambling about Unicorns. This poor sod needs to placed in medical care. Perhaps Mr. Fourway can prepare a bed for him in Tam' where he can shake off the delirium tremens.

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