Thursday, May 31

The Doctor is IN Tombstone Green!

A quaint little office in the northeast corner right next to the undertaker's and the cathouse. Guaranteed to be a high traffic area. The equipment is set up along with a waiting room. A shipment of polio vaccine just came in, and I've already administered two innoculations, not counting myself. How can it be that the toughest gunslinger gets knock-kneed when he sees a hypodermic needle? And how can people live in the 19th Century and have never heard of polio?

When I got back to Steelhead, Kiralette was waiting at my doorstep with a basket of cookies. Such a sweet young lady!

~Dr. Mason

Wednesday, May 30

Tombstone in Crisis!

ADDENDUM: I almost forgot..insult to injury..the desert Tombstoners offered to let the green Tombstoners move their sim next Tombstone Arizona the two rivals would be separated by a desert "void" sim. The catch? The new neighbors would have to pay themselves to move the sim..US$100! I think it's just an excuse for them barrel into their neighbor's town and raise Hell whenever they feel like it! Keep your friends close and your enemies closer..

I finally had the chance to see my new office in green Tombstone. The town is providing the building free of charge along with supplies. I spoke at length with the proprietors of the town, Miss Ahmina and Mr. Wraith.

It seems the new owners of the desert Tombstone are as devious as Miss Fire once was. They have purchased a new sim.. Tombstone Arizona next to their older sim Broken Rose. This will confuse those trying to find the sim Tombstone in a Search, as it did me before.

FURTHER, the desert Tombstoners have placed multiple advertisements up to the point that they have excluded green Tombstone from the list!

After I pointed this out to Mr. Wraith he called an emergency meeting on a steamboat, moored in the river.

There had already been much debate on whether to change the name, but this was the nail in the coffin. The previous suggestions had been El Paso, Taos and Santa Fe. Among some sillier names bandied about were Brokeback, Canada, Tumbleweed, and Freebies. Mr. Wraith was adamant we choose from two new names, Canyon Diablo and Silverado. Since he didn't want to actually build a canyon, Silverado became the logical choice.

Back to the picture..I'm in the chair in the far left. Next to me is the lovely elder of the local Apache tribe, Howling Wolf. I mentioned that I was a Doctor and wished to know about their ways with "medicine". She pointed me to the white-haired gentleman with the bow, Two Lives. I was ready to address him when the sim cra..I mean..the boat sank. Luckily we were mere feet from the shore.

~Dr. Mason

Tuesday, May 29

Wherever a Doctor is Needed

I took the train to Green Tombstone and found myself in Desert Tombstone! The conductor told me this happens all the time. Green Tombstone wasn't even in the travel books anymore! However, in the short time I was there able to help a Marshall with his wounds. When I did arrive in Green Tombstone, the weather was so horrible I couldn't even get up the hill! Having at least tried, I took up Kiralette's call to meet at Bardhaven. I thought this would be a consult for her ankle, but instead I found..her acting in a way that would NOT help her ankle to heal!

I did my best not to stare at her dancing on top of that mushroom. I have a reputation to uphold..and recover. But if that neko had different eyes..maybe an inch shorter..and colored fur.. she would have looked just like Lucian when..

*bites his lip, pulls off his goggles to wipe at his eyes*

..end transmission..

Friday, May 25

Lending a Hand and Collecting Hands

Dear Reader,

The steamtrunk is packed and our carriage is halfway to the ocean. The good thing about Qli's doll corps du jour is I don't have to lug her engine around.

Before we left I visited Tombstone Arizona. Sheriff Ortega and Qli had already visited, so when I introduced myself to Miss Ahmina and Sheriff Riel they greeted me enthusiastically! Such vital need of medical care..and they were more than willing to indulge my research with the remains of slain criminals! "I don't judge when it comes to the pursuit of Science"m said th Sheriff. Wonderful indeed!

I took a detour to check a possible beach location for the weekend. It was clothing optional, not ky cup of tea. But I did meet a German fellow with a missing leg. I offered my services but he politely refused. In fact he had friends who WANTED to have limbs amputated and even gave me the adress of an armless lady with a likewise armless player who makes "toetyped scripts" for playing an amputee in SL!

I never cease to be amazed by this world. If someone offers me a PERFECTLY GOOD LIMB off their person, how on this digital Earth can I possible refuse???

~Dr. Mason

Saturday, May 19

A Wonderful Night!

Such a special time when players meet face to face! This evening I had dinner with Annastina, Aliyah, Ravyn, and Talias. Aside from an attack by a kamikaze bowl of hummus everything went beautifully! I even pinted them in the right direction to go to enjoy the nightlife in the Capital!

the Foundation

Miss Birge,

You have upset my daughter Qli as well as myself immensely by your unspeakable breach of decorum. I do not know how you were raised but I was taught that there are some things that should never be disclosed.

Your loose tongue has insulted the honor of both the Bloodwing Foundation and the Capper Brigade. Were you a man of some dignity I would challenge you to a duel. Even if you were a man I would have to mend you where you lay, lest you be carried to my office where you are no longer welcome, or worse yet expire, giving chance that part of you may one day be installed into of my Children.

Be lucky the Demon is gone, for his punishment would be anything but enjoyable.

~Dr. Mason

Friday, May 18

Getting Down to the Bottom of This!

I've kept quite an extended list of contacts over my lifetime, including a couple of the Lindens. I've contacted them both asking for clarifacation of the new guidelines, or perhaps even an open discussion.

These Lindens would be the one who just asked me for hardware referrals, and the other of whom is a neko himself! Certainly the latter would have his ears perked to the goings on in this atmosphere of censorship and fear!

Wednesday, May 16

An Offer of Sanctuary

As a Creator, my heart goes out to the those avatars of clockwork and porcelain and stitches and rags! Two of my children, Ari and Alan, were powered by springs, and would easily fit under the definition of "doll" which is now under so much criticism! In fact *all* of my creations could ostensibly fall into that category.

The mob will always seek to destroy what they do not understand.

Dolls of Second Life, I offer you refuge at the Bloodwing Foundation. Any deluded Mainlander who dares to follow you to my doorstep shall be dealt with harshly. All I ask in return is you help keep the place tidy.

I will leave a tea set on the dining room table for your arrival.

~Dr. Mason

Interview With A Reanimator

It's been more than a week since this was published in the Steelhead Anvil, but It's taken me that long to catch up on current events!

20:58] You: come on over and have a seat
[20:59] You: make yourself at home
[20:59] Darien Mason: thank you.
[21:00] You: ok, since I have not been in Steelhead all that long really, would you like to give me some backstory, Darien... I have only known you as a demon....
[21:01] Darien Mason: Ah yes,,the Incubus
[21:01] Darien Mason: Well..the demon is part of an ancient family curse
[21:02] Darien Mason: We who are part of his bloodline are subject to posession by the evil spirit every seven generations
[21:03] You: fascinating
[21:03] Darien Mason: and up until very recently the Demon had all but taken over my body completely
[21:04] Darien Mason: I only saw the world through glimpses and echoes. Things were only clear in the rare moments that he was calm..or gravely injured
[21:04] You: so, what happened recently that changed all of that?
[21:04] Darien Mason: Well, the Demon became obsessed with Miss Orr.
[21:05] You: ooooh, really? do tell!
[21:05] Darien Mason: Well I can't reveal very much without Miss Orr's permission of course..
[21:06] You: oh, of course
[21:06] Darien Mason: but the fact that she is a Shifter must have been seen as a potential asset to the bloodline
[21:06] Darien Mason: So he put all his eggs in one basket
[21:06] You: I see
[21:07] Darien Mason: And when she finally rejected him irrevocably
[21:07] Darien Mason: He lost his control on me and slipped back into the Underworld
[21:09] You: so, were you a doctor before the demon took over?
[21:09] Darien Mason: Correct
[21:09] You: what type(s) of medicine do you practice?
[21:10] Darien Mason: Ah well I have degrees in Medicine, Surgery, Metaphysics..
[21:11] You: so, you are officially Steelhead's town doctor now?
[21:11] Darien Mason: I'm the ONLY doctor in town, so yes
[21:12] You: ok, where is your practice located?
[21:13] Darien Mason: In my home presently ..across from where the clock tower so recently stood
[21:15] Darien Mason: my practice is an extension of what my family has called the Bloodwing Foundation
[21:15] Darien Mason: Originally it was set up to find a cure for the demonic posession that haunts our line
[21:16] You: ahhh, interesting
[21:16] Darien Mason: but over the centuries it has expanded to find cures for all sorts of ailments once thought incurable
[21:17] Darien Mason: For instance someone in Caledon has asked me to find a cure for vampirism
[21:18] Darien Mason: And in studying obscure tomes and ancient lore..
[21:19] Darien Mason: I have found somehting approaching a cure for Death itself!
[21:19] You: oh wow!
[21:20] Darien Mason: Now some people take offense to this line of treatment
[21:21] Darien Mason: But's just a shock as their world view has changed
[21:21] You: really?
[21:22] Darien Mason: The barrier between Life and Death is not as solid as most presume it to be
[21:22] You: oh?
[21:23] Darien Mason: In fact I consider it a sacred duty to give the fallen a second chance at life
[21:23] You: it sounds intriguing yet impossible
[21:24] Darien Mason: Surely you've met my eldest daughter Qlippothic?
[21:24] You: yes, I have
[21:25] Darien Mason: I created her from organic materials
[21:26] Darien Mason: As well as my daughters Ari, Kimmy and Yue..and my son Alan..may he rest..
[21:26] You: define organic
[21:27] Darien Mason: ..tissue that once was alive.
[21:27] You: ok... and dare I ask where you aquired this tissue?
[21:28] Darien Mason: From the undercurrents of civilization.
[21:28] You: ok
[21:28] Darien Mason: Victims of most recently of war
[21:28] You: I see
[21:28] You: I assume anything more would be divulging trade secrets...
[21:29] Darien Mason nods.
[21:29] You: very well
[21:30] You: you are planning to open an office aside from your house in the near future, correct?
[21:31] Darien Mason: Correct..Miss Tensai has promised me as much in this meeting
[21:31] You: good
[21:31] Darien Mason: And I also plan to use the Foundation as an art gallery
[21:31] Darien Mason: to help raise money for supplies and staff
[21:31] You: nice
[21:32] You: that sounds like a great idea. And I am sure you would not turn away donations either... to get your practice up and running properly
[21:31] You: it will be good to have a doctor in town, especially with gunfight tournaments starting up
[21:33] Darien Mason: Yes..I've already had a couple patients
[21:33] You: it will be a benefit to the town
[21:33] Darien Mason: I also journey to Caledon to practice there as well
[21:33] You: well, Darien, it has been lovely speaking with you this evening, I feel you are a great asset to this town, with or without your medical practice
[21:34] Darien Mason: Why thank you Miss Barrymore!
[21:34] You: you are very welcome, and thank you for your time tonight:)

P.S. A Linden has just approached me asking where to get "Mad Scientist" gear! What an honor!

Monday, May 14

To Whom It May Concern

It is hard to apologize to someone when you don't know the identity of the offended. But judging from the intermediary chosen it is someone who has known my family for quite some time.

If you do not wish to be engaged in an RP context, please let us know in IM and we can veer in another direction. The primary reason the Demon was removed from the story was because some people were no longer comfortable in his presence. Maybe the Reanimator persona can seem a bit macabre, but I am trying to put a lighter "Addams Family" tone to his creepiness.

As for Qli, it is very hard for her to break character. She would never intend to hurt anyone. That is why the Qlippothic Steel thread was truncated.

Please accept out apologies. See you online..I think.

-The Bloodwing Foundation

Partial Success and Practical Associations

Last night I succeeded in purging the vampiric essence from Baroness Amber's infant son through recitation of a portion of the Montesi Formula. The daughter, however, was taken by the Shadows before I arrived. I shudder at the thought of journeying to the underworld to recover her. But if other means cannot be found, then that is what I am willing to do.

I met with the Colonel in the graveyard afterwards. True he is persona non grata on some streets in Caledon, but he is still a man of high station and lofty ambitions. He is a good man to know. And then there was that short time when he kidnapped me..he seems to do that a lot. I did send him a new pair of jhodpurs in the mail last week.

We discussed world affairs. We discussed the mutual disappointment of having grand visions misunderstood by the masses. We discussed the exchange of favors and inclusion in select circles.

I bade good night to Qli when I returned to the Foundation, but she was too lost in one of my arcane tomes to notice me.

Like father like daughter. *smiles*

~Dr. Mason

Sunday, May 13


I hadn't even finished my evening prayers when that all too familiar sounds of combat echoed from the town square! I grabbed my bag and rushed downtown. Everyone was gathered by the sides of Merchant Street as gunhappy gentlemen (and lady) fell one after the other. Nothing I could say could stop them. I just kept wrapping them up with bandages.

Nux Chaplin, that clockwork bartender from the future turned war instigator, won the battle. Which is good because I would have had to run back to the lab to get my welding kit.

At least I was paid generously for my services! After returned to the Foundation I set up an exam room and operating theatre on the main level, and secured the living quarters upstairs. The stairs however still need work.

Qli returned after her jazz event. She complained that a former ally of Steelhead was once again being inconsiderate in coordinating events.

I retired for the night, but the wireless Marconi-phone rang in the dead of night. I answered expecting some dire emergency. Instead I heard someone giggling hysterically asking if I wanted a Duchess sandwich.


Friday, May 11

So much to say before the sun sets

(Addendum: I had misspelled this as "before the sin sets" and I did not catch it until the Sabbath when I could not change it! Could this be an omen..?)

Dear Reader,

So much good news! My astral beacon has helped The Baroness Amber return to this world! In return she has agreed to do some finishing on my daugter Kimmy. Apparently she is still a bit clingy, having never been out of my sight or off the Foundation since her animation. But she was still delightful company from what I hear. Yue still needs work before she can leave the lab. Nurse O'Tonic has been so devoted to keeping her stitched together.

Chief Architect Lumina continues work on the castle. It will be a beautiful space where I can be a patron of the Arts on the main level and a pioneer of th Sciences above and below!

My daughter hosts tonight and tomorrow. She has some form of costume sewn up at the last minute. Her debut in her Aunt Sysperia's gallery comes tomorrow night as well. Indeed she can be Volatile!

The sun begins to set, and Qli has lit the Sabbath candles for me. The Creator always rests on the seventh day.

~Dr. Mason

Wednesday, May 9

More building

Nonesuch Ra has joined the Foundation as a Researcher referred to me by none other that the Chier Librarian himself! And just as exciting, Lumina Elvejhem has offered to build a CASTLE to replace the Mansion! Also, Miss Tensai has sat up a SPECIAL bookcase on my mantlepiece..whatever you do, DON'T TOUCH IT!! I wrapped it up with a visit to Shangre La to see Miss Callipygian Christensen's new exhibit. A Special Exhibit opened there on Saturday..I eagerly await its debut!

At this point it seems people are split half and half between missing the demon and being eager to know the *real* me. I can't be all things to all people unfortunately.

Or can I?

~Dr. Mason

Tuesday, May 8

New Friends in High Places

I visited Steam City for a gallery opening. A work by EllieDee called Wages of Sin spoke to me, and I purchased it. The next day I toured the floating corridors and ran into a gathering of locals. Former Steelhead resident Miss Kirawil was there with her Master Lord Bardhaven. Two other local artists, Miss Natacha Chernov and Miss Katt O'Tonic were also there.

Miss O'Tonic revealed that she had purchased the very clock tower that lay outside my doorstep from Miss Tensai! I offered to take her on a tour of my home town and the site of her purchase, and she graciously accepted.

When we arrived, the tower was gone. Only the stone foundation and the mechanism remained for the barn animals to ponder. Miss O'Tonic admired my mansion and my office. She even invited EllieDee to see where his painting would show. He opened his portfolio to reveal some large works on the same theme, blocking me in the corner. He joked that I would have to buy my way out!

That's when I hit on an idea! I could turn the Foundation into an ART GALLERY to help bring in donations! Mr. EllieDee, Miss O'Tonic and her associates, possibly even Sysperia could grace my walls with paintings for sale! I could even display some of the more disturbing works in the basement! (Note to self: Ask Tensai to build trap door from the main level..)

In addition to being an Artist, Miss O'Tonic has Nursing experience as well! She graciously accepted an offer to be my assistant! Finally, SOMEONE who understands the importance of my grand designs!

Sunday, May 6

The High Cost of Healing

I awoke from the dream with the start. The demon was punished in Hell..not with flame, but with ice. Entombed in darkness he cannot call out, he cannot scream. So dark that he cannot even see his memories. Imprisoned for seven generations. If there are that many left.

Annastina has seen fit to follow the teaching path. I wish her the best. May she teach the children well, lest they need the Doctor's care.

Friday, May 4


I wearily opened my bloodshot eyes to gaze at the burning lamp that Miss Orr had left on my dresser as a peace offering. The needfire of Beltane..what was it I needed in life? My life felt empty. Oh I rember. I feel most alive by CREATING Life!

Where would I find raw materials on such short notice? All the demon left me was a walkin icebox of frozen turkeys and I..oh yes..there's a WAR on!

I spent the next few days in the Mainland countrysideon the ouskirts of Neualtenburg where Caledon had left destruction in its wake.

All the Guvna and the Kaiserin want you to see are the waltzing uniforms and shinig dirigibles. They don't show you the true Horrors of War that had already sculpted me into what I am today.

Other Doctors were in the field as well. Normally we compete in the shadows for the best supplies, but here in broad daylight the mourning were too distraught to tend to their departed, and a few words of solace and a promise of burial and a full purse was enough.

I had the perfect specimens. More than enough material. After assembly I placed her on the gurney and flipped the switch. The sacred fertility magick of the Beltane fire poured from the lamp into the clay! The fires of Caledon and the earth of Neualtenburg mingled to bring life from the jaws of death! She MOVED! SUCCESS!

I, Doctor Darien James Mason, have once again I have vanquished the Conqueror Worm! It is KISMET! I shall call her..


*lightning cracks and mad laughter*

Thursday, May 3

Down to Business

I had my first two patients yesterday! Sadly I fear they may turn into repeating customers.

Renovations continued apace, including replacing that ridiculous installation in the lavatory. Prince on his "throne" indeed!

A dear friend was nearly lost from gentle criticism misunderstood. It seems I lack the skill of communication that my predecessor displayed. I pray I don't misspeak again.

On a happier note, my application for Caledonian citizenship was swiftly granted! The Governor (is it really spelled Guvna?) Was warm to the idea of creating a Hospital on their soil. They had a clinic, but it has since fallen to the march of Progress! Imagine! A nation over a thousand kilometers wide and NO health care system! And I thought we Americans were neglectful of the medical profession!

The downside of course is that the Governor has no land to donate. Like my daughter's firehouse, Caledon's public infrastructure is dependent upon philanthropy. At least Caledon has no shortage of graveyards raw materials for my experiments research!

And I am almost done drafting a new Charter for the Bloodwing Foundation.

Wednesday, May 2

There was Magick that Night

I guess I was wrong..I can dance..if you give me enough faewine!

Thank you so much for the moving pictures, Annastina!

Now I remember all of it..what I said and what I meant. I'm no twister of words like the Demon. This is all so new to me, but I swear to you I'll make this work.

P.S. You may be wondering about my tattoos. I received them in Tibet while I was studying the Book of the Dead.

Tuesday, May 1


Magical time..happiest time..

Got up..bed was spinning to fast..may as well write.

Never felt so joyous..learning what free means.

My two daughters dancing with me. I swore to Ari I'd be the Father she never had.

Ari has a Mother, from before she was shipped to me? She had a previous owner! Does that make me..owww my head.

Not since my bar mitzvah..did I have the chance to celebrate.

Maypole dancing with Darkling..tripping me up with magic and spiking my drinking horn. I let her. Annastina danced with me. Emilly was there..but it was sacred space so I wasn't afraid. I thanked her for giving me a chance.

Did you know..they're already trying to summon him back? I hear them in French and Gaelic voices soft and pleading and raging. But this is not a skeleton or dragon disguise I'm NOT HIM never will be!

The only cry that hurts is his son yowling for the father he never knew to come back.

I'm brought back home..and I wake up coated in sweat and fumbling for still on, never even got in the covers..and alone.

Beltane..magical time..the saddest time