Wednesday, May 16

Interview With A Reanimator

It's been more than a week since this was published in the Steelhead Anvil, but It's taken me that long to catch up on current events!

20:58] You: come on over and have a seat
[20:59] You: make yourself at home
[20:59] Darien Mason: thank you.
[21:00] You: ok, since I have not been in Steelhead all that long really, would you like to give me some backstory, Darien... I have only known you as a demon....
[21:01] Darien Mason: Ah yes,,the Incubus
[21:01] Darien Mason: Well..the demon is part of an ancient family curse
[21:02] Darien Mason: We who are part of his bloodline are subject to posession by the evil spirit every seven generations
[21:03] You: fascinating
[21:03] Darien Mason: and up until very recently the Demon had all but taken over my body completely
[21:04] Darien Mason: I only saw the world through glimpses and echoes. Things were only clear in the rare moments that he was calm..or gravely injured
[21:04] You: so, what happened recently that changed all of that?
[21:04] Darien Mason: Well, the Demon became obsessed with Miss Orr.
[21:05] You: ooooh, really? do tell!
[21:05] Darien Mason: Well I can't reveal very much without Miss Orr's permission of course..
[21:06] You: oh, of course
[21:06] Darien Mason: but the fact that she is a Shifter must have been seen as a potential asset to the bloodline
[21:06] Darien Mason: So he put all his eggs in one basket
[21:06] You: I see
[21:07] Darien Mason: And when she finally rejected him irrevocably
[21:07] Darien Mason: He lost his control on me and slipped back into the Underworld
[21:09] You: so, were you a doctor before the demon took over?
[21:09] Darien Mason: Correct
[21:09] You: what type(s) of medicine do you practice?
[21:10] Darien Mason: Ah well I have degrees in Medicine, Surgery, Metaphysics..
[21:11] You: so, you are officially Steelhead's town doctor now?
[21:11] Darien Mason: I'm the ONLY doctor in town, so yes
[21:12] You: ok, where is your practice located?
[21:13] Darien Mason: In my home presently ..across from where the clock tower so recently stood
[21:15] Darien Mason: my practice is an extension of what my family has called the Bloodwing Foundation
[21:15] Darien Mason: Originally it was set up to find a cure for the demonic posession that haunts our line
[21:16] You: ahhh, interesting
[21:16] Darien Mason: but over the centuries it has expanded to find cures for all sorts of ailments once thought incurable
[21:17] Darien Mason: For instance someone in Caledon has asked me to find a cure for vampirism
[21:18] Darien Mason: And in studying obscure tomes and ancient lore..
[21:19] Darien Mason: I have found somehting approaching a cure for Death itself!
[21:19] You: oh wow!
[21:20] Darien Mason: Now some people take offense to this line of treatment
[21:21] Darien Mason: But's just a shock as their world view has changed
[21:21] You: really?
[21:22] Darien Mason: The barrier between Life and Death is not as solid as most presume it to be
[21:22] You: oh?
[21:23] Darien Mason: In fact I consider it a sacred duty to give the fallen a second chance at life
[21:23] You: it sounds intriguing yet impossible
[21:24] Darien Mason: Surely you've met my eldest daughter Qlippothic?
[21:24] You: yes, I have
[21:25] Darien Mason: I created her from organic materials
[21:26] Darien Mason: As well as my daughters Ari, Kimmy and Yue..and my son Alan..may he rest..
[21:26] You: define organic
[21:27] Darien Mason: ..tissue that once was alive.
[21:27] You: ok... and dare I ask where you aquired this tissue?
[21:28] Darien Mason: From the undercurrents of civilization.
[21:28] You: ok
[21:28] Darien Mason: Victims of most recently of war
[21:28] You: I see
[21:28] You: I assume anything more would be divulging trade secrets...
[21:29] Darien Mason nods.
[21:29] You: very well
[21:30] You: you are planning to open an office aside from your house in the near future, correct?
[21:31] Darien Mason: Correct..Miss Tensai has promised me as much in this meeting
[21:31] You: good
[21:31] Darien Mason: And I also plan to use the Foundation as an art gallery
[21:31] Darien Mason: to help raise money for supplies and staff
[21:31] You: nice
[21:32] You: that sounds like a great idea. And I am sure you would not turn away donations either... to get your practice up and running properly
[21:31] You: it will be good to have a doctor in town, especially with gunfight tournaments starting up
[21:33] Darien Mason: Yes..I've already had a couple patients
[21:33] You: it will be a benefit to the town
[21:33] Darien Mason: I also journey to Caledon to practice there as well
[21:33] You: well, Darien, it has been lovely speaking with you this evening, I feel you are a great asset to this town, with or without your medical practice
[21:34] Darien Mason: Why thank you Miss Barrymore!
[21:34] You: you are very welcome, and thank you for your time tonight:)

P.S. A Linden has just approached me asking where to get "Mad Scientist" gear! What an honor!

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Miss Orr has no objections, it's more or less open history.

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