Monday, May 14

To Whom It May Concern

It is hard to apologize to someone when you don't know the identity of the offended. But judging from the intermediary chosen it is someone who has known my family for quite some time.

If you do not wish to be engaged in an RP context, please let us know in IM and we can veer in another direction. The primary reason the Demon was removed from the story was because some people were no longer comfortable in his presence. Maybe the Reanimator persona can seem a bit macabre, but I am trying to put a lighter "Addams Family" tone to his creepiness.

As for Qli, it is very hard for her to break character. She would never intend to hurt anyone. That is why the Qlippothic Steel thread was truncated.

Please accept out apologies. See you online..I think.

-The Bloodwing Foundation

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Fuzzball Ortega said...

I like the Reanimator persona. Very Lovecraftian. Sort of fits in with the Victorian era setting.