Friday, August 31

Beneath the Mason Ruins, Part V

Koen and I were trapped inside a magic circle, and Koen was doubly trapped in a cage that had slammed shut from the energy unleashed when we tried to break free. The glow of my eyes illuminated the dusty stone where the sigils lay. Were they a Qabalistic enchantment I might have been able to manipulate the They were a Runic alphabet, of which I was not familiar. was hesitant to damage the sigils with my weaponry, for fear that the noise would summon the homunculus and its floating spawn.

Koen paced the edges of the cage. "This cage isn't bloted to the floor...she must have unscrewed it.." He tapped the ankh at his collar with a claw, "..probably with this."

"That's why the gate opens up past the edge of the circle..but that's not enough to get us out." I pulled some metal tubing from a compartment in my armour and attached it to my wrist. I spent the next hour cutting open the metal of the gate lock, using my inner furnace to power the blowtorch. Koen crouched in the other, looking away.

"Qli..remember thse little bunny golem things? They walked into the bars before they came through..I see the tracks. They keep acting like the cage is in the middle and have to adjust at the last minute. That's why they put the food tray and the chamberpot right next to each other in the corner..that's as close as they could get to where they were programmed to place them where the cage was supposed to be."

"The drones must be created with the same magic as the circle..which is why they can pass through.." I furrowed my brow.
"I have a plan.."

We waited for the drones to return for housekeeping. Judging from the decent size and quality of the meal..which Koen consumed in his spare time..Sumalee was getting two meals a day, assuming the drones were delivering enough food to keep her from starving. I did correct Koen, the meal may have tasted like chicken but I'm certain it was rabbit.

Eventually we heard the rhythmic tapping of the drone's waddling. Two drones would be coming. We only needed one. Koen waited until the last moment to swing open the gate, just as the drone was crossing the circle. The drone collided with the edge of the gate, but kept trying to walk through it in a straight line. I looked down at its footsteps, they were flailing helplessly in and out of the magickal boundary. I jumped of the roof of the cage and over the drone to the outside of the circle.

"Koen! Now!"

Koen bolted to my side. We were both free. I switched my hand attachments and blew a white cone of calcium carbonate into the drone's furnace in its belly, extinguishing its spark of animation. We drew our weapons and continued down the passage from which the humonculus had retreated.

Meanwhile, the second drone waddled past its inoperative double, bumped against the cage, sidestepped to walk through, retreived the tray of finished food, and waddled back the way it came.

Tuesday, August 28

Beneath the Mason Ruins, Part IV

I have struggled to describe the creature depicted in the last chapter. A floating mass of undulating tissue with a smattering of eyes and jaws, spewing out hungry biomasses that digest flesh at a touch then return to its creator to feed it like the queen bee and hive in blood cells nourishing a heart. This monster exists in defiance of all laws of physics and had to be created by some evil genius. I must therefore refer to it as a homunculus.

This homunculus floated closer to by brother Koen and I as we froze in place. Koen was crouched inside the cage we had discovered, examining the defeated lock mechanism. I glanced down at the floor. The rectangular cage was wholly within a circle of glyphs inscribed into the dungeon stone. I took a short step backwards, bringing my entire body inside the enchantment. The gate of the cage rotated to the closed position with the faintest creak by its own weight.

"Koen.." I whispered. "Don't..move.."

The abomination hovered inches from me, just outside the engraving. Fluids drooled from its orifices over itself with a glistening sheen that steadily oozed to the floor. As it pulsed it radiated waves of heat laced with a damp, fetid odor. Haphazardly placed eyes stared back at me, the intent behind them unguessable. Was there something approaching intelligence behind those eyes? Or did it blindly accept us as a neko in a cage and a maintenance drone, as it expected to see?

Slowly it circled the perimeter of our barrier. A stray biomass drifted towards my face, then stopped in its tracks, spreading as if colliding with a physical barrier, then hurtling back as if struck by lightning. It made a beeline straight for the safety of the hivebeast's jaws. The homunculus finished circling us, then withdrew from the chamber back through the passage it had arrived in.

As the chamber again grew silent, I took a step forward, only to be repulsed back against the outer wall of the cage by a jolt of energy. Koen swung the gate open to leap to my aid, but the same explosion of light slammed the gate back in his face. I shudder to think what injuries he would have sustained had he been in contact with the bare metal.

I reached my arm through the bars to grab Koen's shoulder. He held my wrist tightly as I tried to tesseract us both out of the circle. I could get a lock on any of the landmarks in my memory bank.

Koen's ears drooped. "We're trapped?"

I sighed, and looked down at the floor. "Sumalee found a way out of the cage..and out of the circle. We have to find it as well. And quickly."

Monday, August 27

Remembering when Brother Fought Brother

The Civil War Ball was a smashing success, lag and all! The event was a promotion for the Battle of Fredricksburg Exhibit, hosted by the Caledon Library. Duchess Gabrielle Riel played old ballads from both the North and the South. Being a Doctor first and a Marylander (the Mason-Dixon line cut through my family estate) I was not one to take sides, making me the perfect Host.

In keeping with the customs of the time, dance cards were encouraged, though I was so lagged that by the time I walked to position the First Dance was over! But such travails are cheerfully accepted when everyone was enjoying themselves so immensely. So many lovely gowns! So many handsome outfits!

Here I am dancing with the winner of the prized for Best Dressed Lady, Nurse and Schoolmarm Annastina Christensen. Mr. Mako won the prize for Best Dressed Gent.

Here is a wider view, with my other dance partner, Miss Katrynn Severine, owner of Steelhead.

Saturday, August 25

Beneath the Mason Ruins, Part III

I descended into the sinkhole by jetpack, and Koen leaped down after me. We followed the constructs as they scurried back and forth like ants. We passed through several chambers that had obviously one been used for scientific and medical research. The equipment..and apparently the unwilling subjects..had been hastily abandoned and left to their fates. The few scraps of documentation I did find made my shiver to the core. Obscure studies blending magic and science to improve the human race..this easily could have been purloined from my Father's lab, except the means to the ends were unspeakable. Father would never experiment on an unwilling subject! We saw many skeletons of both human and neko origin. There was even a case of small fairies impaled on pins like a butterfly collection.

Finally we arrived at the boiler room. The heat was stifling for my brother, but he said he smelled something familiar.

There was a cage, large enough for a human. We saw one of the golems waddle between the bars into the cage and replace the tray of rotting food with a tray of raw meat. Another one carried away an empty chamber pot. The automatons were blissfully ignorant to the fact that the front door of the cage was wide open and that the cage was empty.

Koen crouched, peering into the lock.

"Chicken bones. Works every time."

Just then we heard an inhuman roar from the far corridor. You would not believe what I saw unless I developed the image from my visual cortex. It was a large, pulsating amorphous blob with multiple mouths. As it floated into the room, bluish orbs escaped from one of its maws with methodic regularity while a trail of bright red orbs trailed behind, one of the sets of jaws on the best greedily swallowing them up.

If the orbs were some form of giant blood corpuscles, then this living hive was a giant heart!

Thursday, August 23

too close to home

Thunder shakes the Foundation as torrents of rain sizzle and crackle across the surface of the Tesla generator on the roof. Qlippothic and Koen have submitted their report. My hands trembled as I read, shaking my head in disbelief as they revealed secrets I had done my best to shield from them. My children have defeated a threat greater than a dozen Jobiases..but the price was very high. To make matters worse the source of that threat is still at large. Even Bloodwing is concerned. He will never admit it, but I sense he fear. After the children's tale was done he bolted, wings stretched as he vanished from the balcony with a flash of lightning. I must assume he is hunting down the threat, or at worst, keeping a safe distance from us should he be the prey.

The Bloodwing Curse has returned with a twisted irony I still can barely fathom. I had the urge to pack my things and flee the Foundation, but where could I run? I will not sleep tonight. I will be sitting at my desk, pistol and wand at the ready, ears straining over the din of the storm to make out the hissing of snakes.

~Dr. Mason

Wednesday, August 22

Vision Corrected

Many thanks to Tensai for solving the wireframe problem..setting your vision distance from 128 meters to -1 is good for introspection but not for navigation.

We decided after the Town Meeting last night that events will be coordinated by a special committee. This should make the process run much more smoothly. I'm still in charge of hosting and searching for sponsors.

By the way, we still need a sponsor for Hippie Night on Friday. I'm not sure what Qli has in mind..

Qlippothic and Koen have been avoiding finishing their report. I would certainly like to know why.

~Dr. Mason

Monday, August 20

here and not here

Dr. Mason and I are on vacation. Sadly SL seems to have left my laptop in the dust. I can make out sihlouettes of the landscape through the fog of day but night is pitch black.

Using Wireframe vision I can see myself and the outlines of my surroundings..with the notable exception of the doors to the Foundation.

Other avatars remain invisible excepts as dots on the mini-map. Communication, thankfully, is as normal. Therefore I should be able to host Friday's Hippie Event at Steelhead. We should be home on Saturday in time for Father to host the Civil War ball. (Assuming SL itself is still working.)

My journal of the Mason investigation will continue when we get home. Some of these photos must be seen to be believed.


Wednesday, August 15

In Times of Crisis Generosity Shines its Brightest

A serial killer stalks the streets of New Babbage. Two victims have been found on top of and or by the local Absinthe House with the same cause of death. In light of this emergency I without hesitation set up an emergency clinic at 2B Ramsey Apartments, on the eastern edge of the Canal District. The proprietor had graciously waived rent for the first two weeks.

However, while I was preparing to record this in my journal, a gentleman approached me..

ArthurConan Doyle: Good morning sir.
Me: Oh! Good morning Sir!
ArthurConan Doyle: I am afraid that this will just not do.
ArthurConan Doyle: I am a doctor and you must have a better facility than this shabby building.
Me: I am renting out the upstairs office as a clinic
ArthurConan Doyle: The community needs a practicing physican.
Me: I was told that the Babbage Hospital was taken down..
ArthurConan Doyle: Yes, to my dismay.
Me: and in light of the recent murders I set up a satellite office for the Caledon Red Cross
ArthurConan Doyle: No no no. We must do better than this. Let's put something up for you at Undershaw.

I will meet up with Sir Arthur again tonight as he builds a clinic on his lawn. In light of his skills and generosity I have welcomed him into the ranks of the Caledon Red Cross.

I will save my bemoaning of the upcoming doubling of the rent in Steelhead for another entry.

~Dr. Mason

Tuesday, August 14

Beneath the Mason Ruins, Part II

We had discovered an automaton..of disturbingly similar design to my golem form..collecting fuel on the grounds of the Mason estate. There was no question now that the elder Dr. Mason had the Spark. The questions now pertained to WHAT was still active down there in the underground lair. Darien never mentioned anything like this. I doubt he would have known.

We returned to the site the next day. I was in my full steam armour, and Koen wore claw bracers. We decided we weren't taking any chances. I was ready to descend slowly downwards into the pit when Koen said he smelled something upwind, in the direction of the bay side of the property. Just to be sure there would be no threat waiting for us at the exit, we approached.

We saw several blue floating amorphous blobs floating above the murky water, about the size of human heads. They were darting in and out of the water. One emerged from water with a fish suspended in its translucent body. The fish dissolved in a matter of seconds..the fish skeleton dropping back into the river as the plume of blood turned the blob red. It then floated towards us, then dropped from sight about halfway into a smaller sinkhole.

A moment later another blue blob rose from the same hole. It froze in place..then made a beeline for us. I quickly drew my weapon and fired, ripping it to pieces with steel shot. Then the swarm of shapes over the water raced towards us. I shot down several, but while I was reloading one tried to stretch itself around Koen, but he sliced it in midair, causing it to fall away and dissolve.

I suggested we fall back to the other end of the property, but as I've learned nekos are infamous for following their own directions. He followed the water's edge to the abandoned pier where the infamous boathouse lay, where Koen's mother survived a deadly trip only at the intervention of a young Darien Mason. I defiance of logic, there was a circular patch of thick green grass. In the center was a metal ankh, matching as best as I can tell the dimensions of the one worn by our missing neko.

Koen tread on the grass and wrapped his paw around the talisman as he crouched down.

"This grass has been growing since the Spring." He said. "The soil is still sandy. This is the first time anything's grown here in a while."

He lifted the ankh to his cheek and purred. "This feels like her."

Monday, August 13

Beneath the Mason Ruins, Part I

When we mentioned that Koen and I were part of Mason family to the locals, they were terrified. I think it was only the fact that I wore my Caledon uniform that we were not shot on sight. The barkeep joked facetiously if I was going to arrest the spirit of old Mason himself. I pondered his attempt at humor then remembered that in the States the police wear blue uniforms and the firefighters wear red. They were mistaking me for a visiting constabulary. I did nothing to dissuade them of the misconception in the hopes that they would cooperate, or at least leave us alone.

The Mason estate itself was almost barren. I could have easily mistaken it for one of the radioactive wastes of the dark future. On approach I saw the last few dying trees of what must have been a thick wood.

Then I saw one of these constructs waddle by, clutching some heavy branches in its stubby limbs. I could not believe my eyes..they were miniature golems built along the same principles as my design, down to the belly grating and twin smokestacks on the back!

I attempted to communicate with it, but it ignored me. Koen and I followed the automaton back to a sinkhole in the dead earth. It simply kept walking until it tipped over, hitting the stone floor below a few seconds later, judging from the CLANK that echoed from the darkness.

Koen and I looked back at each other. "Are we high enough level for this dungeon?" He said.

Sunday, August 12

Two Towns Rising, and Ashes Stirring

Sadly I could not get to the Wild West event in Steelhead, but I'm sure Sheriff Ortega was a wonderful host!

I was able to visit Antiquity to watch the pyrotechnics in celebration of their Grand Opening. They promise an Intenational flavor to the Current Victorian Age. I spoke with the management and mentioned the idea of setting up a clinic..

Afterwards I visited the new town of Deadwood..not before I visited the sim of Deadwood by mistake, which is located in..New Jersey *shiver*.

Deadwood 1876 is gritty to say the least. They have no tolerance of the supernatural. Even Indians best tread lightly through town in white man's garb lest they be shot on sight! I did see Mr. Ellisdee wander through town looking for a theatre to perform in. I was looking for office space, I was going to speak to the Mayor but he kept disappearing in the shadows.

Qli plans to visit the remains of the old Mason estate outside of Baltimore for clues as to Sumalee's whereabouts. The cause of the fire was never revealed in the press. Perhaps Caledon's Fire Chief can get to the bottom of it!

~Dr. Mason

Friday, August 10

A sigh of relief

Dr. Mason paces the floor in his sanctum, muttering bitterly about his imposed exile. He circles the casket-machine that shelters his daughter's inanimate body, lifeless as clay beneath the glass. His only solace is the white flower Lady Darkling left for her and the loyalty of his associate Mr. Rau.

"What kind of Deva would treat us like this? What sort of work ethic must he have to constantly.."

The aether transmitter on the wall rings. He alters his circuitous routs to intercept the receiver.

"Dr. Mason! Hmm? Oh! Hello Sir! Oh yes yes I'm fine. What? Oh I was just relaxing, catching up on Girl Genius, listening to Radio Riel, just biding my've been busy, I take it?"

A long pause as he listens intently.

"So..all you need as a short discussion with the Supervisor?"

Darien nods as Mr. Rau stands, brow raised with interest.

"Ah. I see. So when can we expect you to..Tuesday? Very good! And..excuse me?"

Dr. Mason stares at the receiver like he expects a tentacle to slither out of it.

"YOUR OWN ISLAND?? But how..?"

A long pause as he doodles on a nearby chalkboard.

"Ah..a speculation..a trade of..virtual realty?"

The Doctor looks back at Rau as he shrugs in confusion.

"Ah, well good luck with that..I'd love to hear how that works out..a gamble to be sure..but I would like to see Steelhead expand, indeed! Ah there's more? STEELWOLF?"

Bloodwing descends on red wings from the ceiling, landing quietly next the Doctor. Darien covers the receiver.

"He's spoken with his deva..he says he'll be back soon!"

The design of the demon's pallid face curves into a wide smile as learns news about his brother. The Doctor's free hand starts to tremble as the impatience starts to grow in his voice.

"Yes yes very good..but what about US? Hmm..? TONIGHT??"

The Doctor raises his hand, spreading out his palm. Bloodwing slaps it with a grin.

"Thank you Sir. Yes, we're very glad..we knew you could do it!"

Koen's silhoutte emerges from the shadows, ears perked and tail twitching.

"Thank you Sir..yes..yes..We'll wake her up immediately! Goodbye!"

He hangs up the phone excitedly.

"Two days it is! We're free again!"

Bloodwing pulls a bottle from his treasured wine collection from the cabinet, pupping the cork effortlessly with his claws. A silver tray silenty floats to the demon's side just as he begins to poor the crimson into the collection of thin-stemmed glasses.

"Mister Rau, do make the calls? I'm sure they'd like to be here when Qli wakes up!"

Darien turns back towards the repair chamber, flipping the latch. He lifts the flower long enough to place it back on her chest when the lid fully opens.

"Bloodwing, let's prepare.."

Wednesday, August 8

cold turkey

BAH. Not again. *sigh*

The Bloodwing Foundation is closed due to RL financial crisis. We will neither be in world nor available by aether. It may be two days, or two weeks. I pray it's not much longer. The Hospital should be fine for a month. The Auxiliary Foundation Members can use the grounds while we're gone. If it's critical that you get in touch with my deva, contact Col. O'Toole.

Lunar, please continue talking with JJ about the Civil War Ball on the 26th.

We will be back as soon as we can. Your love, friendship and good wishes are what keeps us going.

With Much Regret,

~Dr. Mason

Setting up Shop

It was a simple matter to set up the surgical theatre, it was conveniently packed away before the Mayor of Tombstone-Town demolished my office for the third time.

I have decided that instead of spreading myself too thin I will limit my practice to Steelhead and Caledon. Tombstone, as far as I am concerned, is a lost cause. I have advised the Mayor as best I can, but when someone else sways him five minutes later, there is nothing more I can do.

I could go on..but the August sun has raised tempers as it is. Speaking of which, I have received multiple requests for a hysterical paroxysm generator. The Hospital has no room for such a device, but it would certainly fit in the basement of the Foundation. Are there any inventors up to the task?

~Dr. Mason

Happy Anniversary to Tensai Hilra and Totallunar Eclipse!

The Reverend Righteous Fuzzball Ortega, Church of the Blue Suede Shoes (Reformed)

"What do you mean NEXT?!?"

Friday, August 3

Demons, Deputies, and Digging Machines

I, Dr. Darien Mason, am for once in memory, entirely and wholly myself. Bloodwing now walks among us in his own avatar as Bloodwing Dragonash. I can't possibly think of a more fitting least one worth of repeating in public.

I finally confronted Rock Acronym, Undertaker of Tombstone Township. Living up to his name, he failed to even remember the events that lead up to my calling him to a duel. He also had the worst case of Ruthitis I'd ever seen, so I was too busy helping him with that condition to upbraid him. Since he can never set foot in Steelhead again, and since My local practice was already bulldozed twice..scratch that, three times. I just heard an explosion downtown. Just before he mounted his horse he proudly presented his shiny new Deputy badge.

I can only shake my head.

The Township of Tombstone has two neighboring themed sims now, matching the size of the other Tombstone community. If only Steelhead would ever expand..

Finally, I received another crate from Avaria. A huge and extremely heavy one. I had asked Flea Bussy for an automaton large enough to help with building Regency Hospital. This will do nicely.

I need a name for him still..I'm still a bit tired to think up a good acronym (no pun intended). Any ideas?

~Dr. Mason

Thursday, August 2

second chance, continued..

I said wake up.

"Alright, Bloodwing, where were we?"

First you're going to finish that canteen.

Grudgingly I drank the last of the scalding water from my container as he continued.

Do you see that temple on the edge of the volcano? Eons ago, I was worshiped there. That was the very first House Bloodwing. The halls wafted with incense. The neko servants danced for me in the most beautiful silks. Now, it is ready to crumble into the dust, to be forgotten by History.

"What happened?" I asked as I lay the empty canteen at my feet.

My High Priestess grew jealous of the attentions of the other servants, and betrayed me. They used to sacrifice virgins to the volcano to supplicate the volcano spirit. But when I arrived, I battled the spirit into submission, and the mountain lay dormant for centuries.

"Did you sacrifice virgins too?" I sneered.

His voice remained serious, with but a tint of anger.

I killed NO ONE! The High Priestess was lured by the promises of the volcano spirit, and she did his bidding by turning my bodyguards against me. While I fought the magma spirit in the heart of that volcano after a surprise attack, She captured those servants who remained faithful..tortured them..and finally strangled them on their own silks. That is why..

I nodded quickly. I knew that thread of the story all too well. No need to hear it again.

I did finally slay that magma spirit..I consumed it, and it mingled with my own and became an inner flame. I transferred that flame to Qlippothic's furnace when I helped you build her. And now that flame has turned into its own aspect..a hybrid of Succubus and Magma Spirit.

"So that's where her fire demoness form came from.." I held my chest and coughed.

Darien..I have nothing left. My title of Prince is Hell is gone. My badge was stripped from me by my own brother. My storybook ending..thrown away. And now, my mortal host has supplanted me. And I respect your work, your struggle to free yourself from my name..too much to fight it. It's not worth it to torture you to reclaim a broken legacy.

"Where will you go?"

I shall wander as I always have. I will visit my children and friends of course. But it has always been easier for me to.. hunt.. as I wandered. I've formulated a way to separate us forever. Open your sachel.

I did so, and found a vial of the finest dark powder that seemed to swirl inside with no attempt to jostle it.

"Dragon Ash?" I wondered aloud. To crucible the remains of a fire-creature with fire took an incalculable amount of energy. But when it was done, you had the ultimate magic solvent. A cloud of said dust could stop any spell in mid-cast. Sprinkled on a person or object it would evaporate all enchantments. So strong and rare was this compound that it was carried for prevention of the most dire of magickal disasters..

"A paradox? You want me to create a paradox? I don't have the skills to even make one and I'm not fool enough to try to.."

One last favor? The temple is barely suspended by two crumbling columns. There is one column that toppled long ago, but is still in perfect condition. That is because I toppled it in the rage of my betrayal. It was the primary support. Use your magic to put it back in place. Then the temple will stand for another eon even after the other supports fall away..for it will be perfectly balanced on a single pedestal!

I sat there..contemplating. I saw the weariness in his eyes..his yearning to be free was as strong as mine. And behind that..hope..not for himself, but for me.

I hope you find her. But you must be ready to accept that you may never find her. Now..summon me.

I nodded sadly.


In unison with me, the incubus invoked himself on my third utterance.


He had banished the same moment the summoning activated. A paradox.

We were both knocked back from the conflicting burst of energy. I heard his spirit scream as the universe did its best to hide him nowhere and everywhere at once. A ball of fire coated my skin in a thin layer of frost, before it collapsed on itself to be replaced by a darkness so deep it almost blinded you to look at it. This may make no sense to you, but these things occurred in this floating orb, along with dozens of other things I dare not describe.

Hurriedly I unscrewed the vial of Dragon Ash..time was of the essence. Unspeakable things from beyond this reality have escaped from such holes into our universe before.

I shook the jar and a dull grey cloud enveloped the orb. Rays of colors not seen in the prism leaked out before it was completely enshrouded. It felt like the universe held its breath.

I never even felt the severance of his soul from mine. Just a realization that something I had always felt was no longer there. But where did Bloodwing go?

I saw the powder slowly vanish, dissolving itself. In its place was a sacred symbol..the light blue Eye in the Hand. The symbol of energy from a Deva being sent down as an Avatar in this realm. Letters from the alphabet began to swirl around the symbol, much like a spell I have seen Tensai cast before. It was a message from the Deva.

Lugnasadh. The Horned One is reborn.

I arched a brow. Comparing the son of the Greek God of the Underworld to the Celtic Corn God was a bit of a stretch..or was it? Both horned, of course..both fertility spirits of a sport..and yes, traveling back and forth from the Land of the Dead does indeed qualify as "dying" and reversing that state.

I saw the name Bloodwing spelled out. Then a list of words..names, poured down to the floor like a scroll with visible ink, but invisible parchment.

I scratched my goatee as I pored over the did the Lindens come up with these? My eyes locked on the perfect name. I touched the letters that spelled..



It was a simple spell to lift the forgotten column from the centuries of dirt that buried it deep. Indeed, it was preserved beautifully. A wave of my hand and the microscopic particles of dirt blew away to reveal its original splendor. And on that column was a breath taking mosaic of a white demon withe red wings and horns..locked in a loving embrace with a cat-girl in gold silks, fur set in obsidian, and tails, ears and claws as red as the dawn.


Wednesday, August 1

one opportunity for a second chance

How long must I wait in this jungle? Years? Before malaria takes me or a spear in the back?

I know she's out there. I feel her presence. But she is afraid..afraid to reach out.'re ill. You need to get back to civilization. I must be hallucinating.

You are, but not about me. She gave my spirit save you.

Could this happen at a worse time? You'll scare her away. She's my love, you hear?

I hear you.

You threw away a priceless gift over a handful of silk..I won't make that mistake. No demon will steal my body again!

Be calm, seventh son. Drink some water. There is a resolution to our split existence. The Deva shall provide.


Yes. You will ..

(to be continued..)