Friday, August 10

A sigh of relief

Dr. Mason paces the floor in his sanctum, muttering bitterly about his imposed exile. He circles the casket-machine that shelters his daughter's inanimate body, lifeless as clay beneath the glass. His only solace is the white flower Lady Darkling left for her and the loyalty of his associate Mr. Rau.

"What kind of Deva would treat us like this? What sort of work ethic must he have to constantly.."

The aether transmitter on the wall rings. He alters his circuitous routs to intercept the receiver.

"Dr. Mason! Hmm? Oh! Hello Sir! Oh yes yes I'm fine. What? Oh I was just relaxing, catching up on Girl Genius, listening to Radio Riel, just biding my've been busy, I take it?"

A long pause as he listens intently.

"So..all you need as a short discussion with the Supervisor?"

Darien nods as Mr. Rau stands, brow raised with interest.

"Ah. I see. So when can we expect you to..Tuesday? Very good! And..excuse me?"

Dr. Mason stares at the receiver like he expects a tentacle to slither out of it.

"YOUR OWN ISLAND?? But how..?"

A long pause as he doodles on a nearby chalkboard.

"Ah..a speculation..a trade of..virtual realty?"

The Doctor looks back at Rau as he shrugs in confusion.

"Ah, well good luck with that..I'd love to hear how that works out..a gamble to be sure..but I would like to see Steelhead expand, indeed! Ah there's more? STEELWOLF?"

Bloodwing descends on red wings from the ceiling, landing quietly next the Doctor. Darien covers the receiver.

"He's spoken with his deva..he says he'll be back soon!"

The design of the demon's pallid face curves into a wide smile as learns news about his brother. The Doctor's free hand starts to tremble as the impatience starts to grow in his voice.

"Yes yes very good..but what about US? Hmm..? TONIGHT??"

The Doctor raises his hand, spreading out his palm. Bloodwing slaps it with a grin.

"Thank you Sir. Yes, we're very glad..we knew you could do it!"

Koen's silhoutte emerges from the shadows, ears perked and tail twitching.

"Thank you Sir..yes..yes..We'll wake her up immediately! Goodbye!"

He hangs up the phone excitedly.

"Two days it is! We're free again!"

Bloodwing pulls a bottle from his treasured wine collection from the cabinet, pupping the cork effortlessly with his claws. A silver tray silenty floats to the demon's side just as he begins to poor the crimson into the collection of thin-stemmed glasses.

"Mister Rau, do make the calls? I'm sure they'd like to be here when Qli wakes up!"

Darien turns back towards the repair chamber, flipping the latch. He lifts the flower long enough to place it back on her chest when the lid fully opens.

"Bloodwing, let's prepare.."

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emillyorr said...

Still, such a daunting concept. Your own island...

And I've decided, though of course, I have no input, that "Mason Ridges" just doesn't...sound right.

Mason Creek has potential, though...