Wednesday, August 8

cold turkey

BAH. Not again. *sigh*

The Bloodwing Foundation is closed due to RL financial crisis. We will neither be in world nor available by aether. It may be two days, or two weeks. I pray it's not much longer. The Hospital should be fine for a month. The Auxiliary Foundation Members can use the grounds while we're gone. If it's critical that you get in touch with my deva, contact Col. O'Toole.

Lunar, please continue talking with JJ about the Civil War Ball on the 26th.

We will be back as soon as we can. Your love, friendship and good wishes are what keeps us going.

With Much Regret,

~Dr. Mason


emillyorr said...


But good in a limited sense--I had thought your daughter had departed due to the entirely ridiculous controversy with someone else. It's good in that sense that she's going into stasis until such time as you can return, not that she's taking all this so much to heart.

We'll look for you when we see you, or any other Foundation members. Be well in the meantime.

DarklingRose said...

dear Doctor, do what needs to be done, and know you will be warmly welcomed when you return.

Zoe Connolly said...

We look forward to your return to Regency, Doctor.