Wednesday, July 29

Closing the Practice

The following has been relayed to me:

Caledon Regency Hospital Celebration/Farewell
August 1st, 2009 ~ 1PM-3PM
DJ Mitsu Figaro
Caledon Regency (128,128,23)

Also celebrating the contributions of Dr. Darien Mason.

I am honored to have contributed to the well-being of avatars throughout the Steamlands. I am at the same time humbled that an event in my honor will be staged in my unfortuitous absence. Please accept my dearest regards in my place.

Sunday, July 26

Recovery and Recalibrations

Mr. Jozua has fully recovered from being trapped in the airlock. He's quite an exuberant fellow, especially after a few glasses of absinthe, but then aren't we all? Not a slacker in the least, he took it on himself to add a few coats of paint to the sickbay. I haven't spent much time there myself, but the white does bring a traditional Hospital feel to the what was originally just another storage unit.

Transmissions from Agni have been difficult as of late due to sunspots. Even local transmissions are being lost more often than not. I did catch a message that shocked me so greatly that I spilled piping hot Earl Grey all over my trousers! If I understood correctly, my father Jeremiah Mason (yes, for the purpose of the entry I'll call him that) had arrived in Steelhead in a...transformed state. Still trying to confirm.

I readjusted Ash's Galvanic Teseractor and reinforced it to his frame as a wristwatch. It will be easier for him to operate the weightless environment outside the ship. In fact I'll be sending him outside to reinforce the bolts on the engines tomorrow.

Sunday, July 19

knock knock!

This is Jozua, our newest member. Apparently he got trapped in the airlock while going back to the SS Clockwork after dropping off the shipment a few days ago. He's recuperating nicely in the sick bay.

Ash has been having difficulties integrating the Galvanic Tesseractor. I ran a cerebral scan of Ash for analysis.

Friday, July 10

it brings a tear to my eye

Welcome to Steelhead, Headburro Antfarm! Like me, you are possessed with an overpowering desire to write and entertain. You started your Tale of the Backpacking Burro at about the same time I invented Dr. Mason. I'm still in awe of how you juggle multiple characters and plotlines. Whenever I got frustrated with how my adventures were going, I'd peek over the fence to see what you were up to and get my Spark back.

I'd always hoped to have you as a neighbor even though our time zones made avatar-to-avatar contact a rare and happy occurance. I'm honored you chose Mason Labs as your new home. I just hope you don't blow it up too quickly. Steelhead's Gaslamp Fantasy has an exciting new cast member!


Happy Birthday Nikola Tesla!

Thank you Nikola Tesla! You were a man far ahead of your time. What would steampunk be without you?

Tuesday, July 7

The First Shipment

Dear Miss Abigail,

Thank you so much for the merchandise shipment! The rendezvous with the SS Clockwork went smoothly. Gematria was ecstatic as she daintily ripped open the crate. I insisted she wear her kinetic engine (with windup key) instead of the coalfire engine while not in the engine room to put less strain on the air recycler (and my lungs). Normally she complains that the key apparatus doesn't give her the power she needs for heavier duties (like dogfighting Martian aetherships over the skies of Caledon), but it is much easier to add a keyhole in the back of a corset then refit it for a backpack engine and abdominal coal chute, to say nothing of alchemical garment fireproofing!

She's currently wearing the outfit below, appropriately enough called the Ship's Mistress Ensemble

As you can see by the loose fitting in the back, she needs no modifications whatsover to the bluse to wear a key.

She finished it off with a classic pair of Victorian shoes, of the kind any Caledonian would eagerly purchase and adore.

Now, if I can just pull Ash away from the engine room long enough to get him looking dapper again...

Gratefully Yours,

Dr. Darien James Mason

P.S. Next shipment, would you be so kind as to send a labcoat or two?

Monday, July 6

Exploring the Hypergrid: Metropolis

I've been searching for a portal to the HyperGrid for some time, and oddly enough my first clue was next door to my new home. Mr. Cascabel's office in Quirm has a door that opens to someplace different enitrely.

As impressive as this one was, it was out of order. At least I knew what to look for.

And I found another stargate close to home again, in the sandbox sim of base2. This smaller version functioned correctly.

And I wound up here.

Scanners indicated this world was smaller than Caledon. The structure was in a nearly abandoned field, but there were structures off in the distance in all directions. I soon found the name of this world.

Promising indeed, but a lagstorm forced my retreat. More explorations to come.

Saturday, July 4

that our flag was still there

Emilie Autumn sings the Star Spangled Banner. I wish it were the complete verion, but this is the only version listed on YouTube. Happy Independence Day!