Tuesday, July 7

The First Shipment

Dear Miss Abigail,

Thank you so much for the merchandise shipment! The rendezvous with the SS Clockwork went smoothly. Gematria was ecstatic as she daintily ripped open the crate. I insisted she wear her kinetic engine (with windup key) instead of the coalfire engine while not in the engine room to put less strain on the air recycler (and my lungs). Normally she complains that the key apparatus doesn't give her the power she needs for heavier duties (like dogfighting Martian aetherships over the skies of Caledon), but it is much easier to add a keyhole in the back of a corset then refit it for a backpack engine and abdominal coal chute, to say nothing of alchemical garment fireproofing!

She's currently wearing the outfit below, appropriately enough called the Ship's Mistress Ensemble

As you can see by the loose fitting in the back, she needs no modifications whatsover to the bluse to wear a key.

She finished it off with a classic pair of Victorian shoes, of the kind any Caledonian would eagerly purchase and adore.

Now, if I can just pull Ash away from the engine room long enough to get him looking dapper again...

Gratefully Yours,

Dr. Darien James Mason

P.S. Next shipment, would you be so kind as to send a labcoat or two?

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