Sunday, July 26

Recovery and Recalibrations

Mr. Jozua has fully recovered from being trapped in the airlock. He's quite an exuberant fellow, especially after a few glasses of absinthe, but then aren't we all? Not a slacker in the least, he took it on himself to add a few coats of paint to the sickbay. I haven't spent much time there myself, but the white does bring a traditional Hospital feel to the what was originally just another storage unit.

Transmissions from Agni have been difficult as of late due to sunspots. Even local transmissions are being lost more often than not. I did catch a message that shocked me so greatly that I spilled piping hot Earl Grey all over my trousers! If I understood correctly, my father Jeremiah Mason (yes, for the purpose of the entry I'll call him that) had arrived in Steelhead in a...transformed state. Still trying to confirm.

I readjusted Ash's Galvanic Teseractor and reinforced it to his frame as a wristwatch. It will be easier for him to operate the weightless environment outside the ship. In fact I'll be sending him outside to reinforce the bolts on the engines tomorrow.

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