Friday, July 10

it brings a tear to my eye

Welcome to Steelhead, Headburro Antfarm! Like me, you are possessed with an overpowering desire to write and entertain. You started your Tale of the Backpacking Burro at about the same time I invented Dr. Mason. I'm still in awe of how you juggle multiple characters and plotlines. Whenever I got frustrated with how my adventures were going, I'd peek over the fence to see what you were up to and get my Spark back.

I'd always hoped to have you as a neighbor even though our time zones made avatar-to-avatar contact a rare and happy occurance. I'm honored you chose Mason Labs as your new home. I just hope you don't blow it up too quickly. Steelhead's Gaslamp Fantasy has an exciting new cast member!



HeadBurro Antfarm said...

ww, TY mate - and in all honesty, I always looked your way for inspiration too. The Bloodwing stories still live with me and I read lots of the entries a year or more ago!

Ama said...

I will watch out for him when I can, Father.