Sunday, August 12

Two Towns Rising, and Ashes Stirring

Sadly I could not get to the Wild West event in Steelhead, but I'm sure Sheriff Ortega was a wonderful host!

I was able to visit Antiquity to watch the pyrotechnics in celebration of their Grand Opening. They promise an Intenational flavor to the Current Victorian Age. I spoke with the management and mentioned the idea of setting up a clinic..

Afterwards I visited the new town of Deadwood..not before I visited the sim of Deadwood by mistake, which is located in..New Jersey *shiver*.

Deadwood 1876 is gritty to say the least. They have no tolerance of the supernatural. Even Indians best tread lightly through town in white man's garb lest they be shot on sight! I did see Mr. Ellisdee wander through town looking for a theatre to perform in. I was looking for office space, I was going to speak to the Mayor but he kept disappearing in the shadows.

Qli plans to visit the remains of the old Mason estate outside of Baltimore for clues as to Sumalee's whereabouts. The cause of the fire was never revealed in the press. Perhaps Caledon's Fire Chief can get to the bottom of it!

~Dr. Mason


emillyorr said...

So...avoid Deadwood, possibly visit Antiquity?

And I spoke with Qli about her visit to the ruined estate.


She found something.

Darien Mason said...

Deadwood 1876 has potential, if you can stay in a human form and not let on to your shifter nature. There are ten saloons and a "hotel", so there is potential for profit to be had.

As for the Estate..yes, I am shocked. Qli will be publishing her report later today. I'm poring over the scraps of "research" documents she recovered and Koen is doing..something..with the ankh..I think he's trying to use it as a detection device.