Monday, August 13

Beneath the Mason Ruins, Part I

When we mentioned that Koen and I were part of Mason family to the locals, they were terrified. I think it was only the fact that I wore my Caledon uniform that we were not shot on sight. The barkeep joked facetiously if I was going to arrest the spirit of old Mason himself. I pondered his attempt at humor then remembered that in the States the police wear blue uniforms and the firefighters wear red. They were mistaking me for a visiting constabulary. I did nothing to dissuade them of the misconception in the hopes that they would cooperate, or at least leave us alone.

The Mason estate itself was almost barren. I could have easily mistaken it for one of the radioactive wastes of the dark future. On approach I saw the last few dying trees of what must have been a thick wood.

Then I saw one of these constructs waddle by, clutching some heavy branches in its stubby limbs. I could not believe my eyes..they were miniature golems built along the same principles as my design, down to the belly grating and twin smokestacks on the back!

I attempted to communicate with it, but it ignored me. Koen and I followed the automaton back to a sinkhole in the dead earth. It simply kept walking until it tipped over, hitting the stone floor below a few seconds later, judging from the CLANK that echoed from the darkness.

Koen and I looked back at each other. "Are we high enough level for this dungeon?" He said.

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