Wednesday, August 15

In Times of Crisis Generosity Shines its Brightest

A serial killer stalks the streets of New Babbage. Two victims have been found on top of and or by the local Absinthe House with the same cause of death. In light of this emergency I without hesitation set up an emergency clinic at 2B Ramsey Apartments, on the eastern edge of the Canal District. The proprietor had graciously waived rent for the first two weeks.

However, while I was preparing to record this in my journal, a gentleman approached me..

ArthurConan Doyle: Good morning sir.
Me: Oh! Good morning Sir!
ArthurConan Doyle: I am afraid that this will just not do.
ArthurConan Doyle: I am a doctor and you must have a better facility than this shabby building.
Me: I am renting out the upstairs office as a clinic
ArthurConan Doyle: The community needs a practicing physican.
Me: I was told that the Babbage Hospital was taken down..
ArthurConan Doyle: Yes, to my dismay.
Me: and in light of the recent murders I set up a satellite office for the Caledon Red Cross
ArthurConan Doyle: No no no. We must do better than this. Let's put something up for you at Undershaw.

I will meet up with Sir Arthur again tonight as he builds a clinic on his lawn. In light of his skills and generosity I have welcomed him into the ranks of the Caledon Red Cross.

I will save my bemoaning of the upcoming doubling of the rent in Steelhead for another entry.

~Dr. Mason

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