Thursday, August 23

too close to home

Thunder shakes the Foundation as torrents of rain sizzle and crackle across the surface of the Tesla generator on the roof. Qlippothic and Koen have submitted their report. My hands trembled as I read, shaking my head in disbelief as they revealed secrets I had done my best to shield from them. My children have defeated a threat greater than a dozen Jobiases..but the price was very high. To make matters worse the source of that threat is still at large. Even Bloodwing is concerned. He will never admit it, but I sense he fear. After the children's tale was done he bolted, wings stretched as he vanished from the balcony with a flash of lightning. I must assume he is hunting down the threat, or at worst, keeping a safe distance from us should he be the prey.

The Bloodwing Curse has returned with a twisted irony I still can barely fathom. I had the urge to pack my things and flee the Foundation, but where could I run? I will not sleep tonight. I will be sitting at my desk, pistol and wand at the ready, ears straining over the din of the storm to make out the hissing of snakes.

~Dr. Mason

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