Friday, August 3

Demons, Deputies, and Digging Machines

I, Dr. Darien Mason, am for once in memory, entirely and wholly myself. Bloodwing now walks among us in his own avatar as Bloodwing Dragonash. I can't possibly think of a more fitting least one worth of repeating in public.

I finally confronted Rock Acronym, Undertaker of Tombstone Township. Living up to his name, he failed to even remember the events that lead up to my calling him to a duel. He also had the worst case of Ruthitis I'd ever seen, so I was too busy helping him with that condition to upbraid him. Since he can never set foot in Steelhead again, and since My local practice was already bulldozed twice..scratch that, three times. I just heard an explosion downtown. Just before he mounted his horse he proudly presented his shiny new Deputy badge.

I can only shake my head.

The Township of Tombstone has two neighboring themed sims now, matching the size of the other Tombstone community. If only Steelhead would ever expand..

Finally, I received another crate from Avaria. A huge and extremely heavy one. I had asked Flea Bussy for an automaton large enough to help with building Regency Hospital. This will do nicely.

I need a name for him still..I'm still a bit tired to think up a good acronym (no pun intended). Any ideas?

~Dr. Mason


Amber_Palowakski said...

It was nice meeting Bloodwing at my ball last night!

emillyorr said...

Bloodwing Occupational Remote Implementation Servitor (BORIS)? No, that doesn't exactly trip off the tongue. How about...Recovery-Engineered Networked Front-Implanted Earth-Liquidating Droid (RENFIELD)?

Or, ooh, maybe...Jet-Equipped Kinetic Yearly Land Leveler (JEKYLL)?

Hmm, maybe I'm too tired for this, too...