Monday, August 27

Remembering when Brother Fought Brother

The Civil War Ball was a smashing success, lag and all! The event was a promotion for the Battle of Fredricksburg Exhibit, hosted by the Caledon Library. Duchess Gabrielle Riel played old ballads from both the North and the South. Being a Doctor first and a Marylander (the Mason-Dixon line cut through my family estate) I was not one to take sides, making me the perfect Host.

In keeping with the customs of the time, dance cards were encouraged, though I was so lagged that by the time I walked to position the First Dance was over! But such travails are cheerfully accepted when everyone was enjoying themselves so immensely. So many lovely gowns! So many handsome outfits!

Here I am dancing with the winner of the prized for Best Dressed Lady, Nurse and Schoolmarm Annastina Christensen. Mr. Mako won the prize for Best Dressed Gent.

Here is a wider view, with my other dance partner, Miss Katrynn Severine, owner of Steelhead.

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