Monday, May 14

Partial Success and Practical Associations

Last night I succeeded in purging the vampiric essence from Baroness Amber's infant son through recitation of a portion of the Montesi Formula. The daughter, however, was taken by the Shadows before I arrived. I shudder at the thought of journeying to the underworld to recover her. But if other means cannot be found, then that is what I am willing to do.

I met with the Colonel in the graveyard afterwards. True he is persona non grata on some streets in Caledon, but he is still a man of high station and lofty ambitions. He is a good man to know. And then there was that short time when he kidnapped me..he seems to do that a lot. I did send him a new pair of jhodpurs in the mail last week.

We discussed world affairs. We discussed the mutual disappointment of having grand visions misunderstood by the masses. We discussed the exchange of favors and inclusion in select circles.

I bade good night to Qli when I returned to the Foundation, but she was too lost in one of my arcane tomes to notice me.

Like father like daughter. *smiles*

~Dr. Mason

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