Sunday, May 13


I hadn't even finished my evening prayers when that all too familiar sounds of combat echoed from the town square! I grabbed my bag and rushed downtown. Everyone was gathered by the sides of Merchant Street as gunhappy gentlemen (and lady) fell one after the other. Nothing I could say could stop them. I just kept wrapping them up with bandages.

Nux Chaplin, that clockwork bartender from the future turned war instigator, won the battle. Which is good because I would have had to run back to the lab to get my welding kit.

At least I was paid generously for my services! After returned to the Foundation I set up an exam room and operating theatre on the main level, and secured the living quarters upstairs. The stairs however still need work.

Qli returned after her jazz event. She complained that a former ally of Steelhead was once again being inconsiderate in coordinating events.

I retired for the night, but the wireless Marconi-phone rang in the dead of night. I answered expecting some dire emergency. Instead I heard someone giggling hysterically asking if I wanted a Duchess sandwich.


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