Friday, May 11

So much to say before the sun sets

(Addendum: I had misspelled this as "before the sin sets" and I did not catch it until the Sabbath when I could not change it! Could this be an omen..?)

Dear Reader,

So much good news! My astral beacon has helped The Baroness Amber return to this world! In return she has agreed to do some finishing on my daugter Kimmy. Apparently she is still a bit clingy, having never been out of my sight or off the Foundation since her animation. But she was still delightful company from what I hear. Yue still needs work before she can leave the lab. Nurse O'Tonic has been so devoted to keeping her stitched together.

Chief Architect Lumina continues work on the castle. It will be a beautiful space where I can be a patron of the Arts on the main level and a pioneer of th Sciences above and below!

My daughter hosts tonight and tomorrow. She has some form of costume sewn up at the last minute. Her debut in her Aunt Sysperia's gallery comes tomorrow night as well. Indeed she can be Volatile!

The sun begins to set, and Qli has lit the Sabbath candles for me. The Creator always rests on the seventh day.

~Dr. Mason

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