Tuesday, May 1


Magical time..happiest time..

Got up..bed was spinning to fast..may as well write.

Never felt so calm..so joyous..learning what free means.

My two daughters dancing with me. I swore to Ari I'd be the Father she never had.

Ari has a Mother, from before she was shipped to me? She had a previous owner! Does that make me..owww my head.

Not since my bar mitzvah..did I have the chance to celebrate.

Maypole dancing with Darkling..tripping me up with magic and spiking my drinking horn. I let her. Annastina danced with me. Emilly was there..but it was sacred space so I wasn't afraid. I thanked her for giving me a chance.

Did you know..they're already trying to summon him back? I hear them in French and Gaelic voices soft and pleading and raging. But this is not a skeleton or dragon disguise I'm NOT HIM never will be!

The only cry that hurts is his son yowling for the father he never knew to come back.

I'm brought back home..and I wake up coated in sweat and fumbling for aspirin..boots still on, never even got in the covers..and alone.

Beltane..magical time..the saddest time


emillyorr said...

*tiptoes out of the shadows, peering somberly at you, speaking quietly*

You don't need to be afraid of me, Dr. Mason. I'm not angling for the demon's return. I don't want to deal you any more hurt or pain than I may have already.

*stares at you a moment longer, laying an oil lamp on a side table before leaving*

Lamp lit from the needfire, to carry the blessings of Beltane forward, throughout the year. Magic exists, Dr. Mason. Don't ever doubt. And it's not all baneful.

*steps back into the shadows, fading from view*

Amber_Palowakski said...

Again. another event I missed. Will this agony ever end?

Darien Mason said...

Bless you, Miss Orr. It seems the needfire is lighting the way on each of our Paths.

I blaze a trail through the valley of the Shadow back to this world. Science guides my compass and Magic lights my staff. I am no stranger to the mystic arts and the dangers they conceal.

And finally..I know what to do! How to invert the carnage that the tormentor has left!

*throws on his apron and flips the switch by the fireplace. The stones rotate and he descends, then the edifice rotates shut behind him*