Thursday, May 3

Down to Business

I had my first two patients yesterday! Sadly I fear they may turn into repeating customers.

Renovations continued apace, including replacing that ridiculous installation in the lavatory. Prince on his "throne" indeed!

A dear friend was nearly lost from gentle criticism misunderstood. It seems I lack the skill of communication that my predecessor displayed. I pray I don't misspeak again.

On a happier note, my application for Caledonian citizenship was swiftly granted! The Governor (is it really spelled Guvna?) Was warm to the idea of creating a Hospital on their soil. They had a clinic, but it has since fallen to the march of Progress! Imagine! A nation over a thousand kilometers wide and NO health care system! And I thought we Americans were neglectful of the medical profession!

The downside of course is that the Governor has no land to donate. Like my daughter's firehouse, Caledon's public infrastructure is dependent upon philanthropy. At least Caledon has no shortage of graveyards raw materials for my experiments research!

And I am almost done drafting a new Charter for the Bloodwing Foundation.

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Amber_Palowakski said...

Perhaps you can visit my grave in Caledon Moors and revive me!