Friday, May 4


I wearily opened my bloodshot eyes to gaze at the burning lamp that Miss Orr had left on my dresser as a peace offering. The needfire of Beltane..what was it I needed in life? My life felt empty. Oh I rember. I feel most alive by CREATING Life!

Where would I find raw materials on such short notice? All the demon left me was a walkin icebox of frozen turkeys and I..oh yes..there's a WAR on!

I spent the next few days in the Mainland countrysideon the ouskirts of Neualtenburg where Caledon had left destruction in its wake.

All the Guvna and the Kaiserin want you to see are the waltzing uniforms and shinig dirigibles. They don't show you the true Horrors of War that had already sculpted me into what I am today.

Other Doctors were in the field as well. Normally we compete in the shadows for the best supplies, but here in broad daylight the mourning were too distraught to tend to their departed, and a few words of solace and a promise of burial and a full purse was enough.

I had the perfect specimens. More than enough material. After assembly I placed her on the gurney and flipped the switch. The sacred fertility magick of the Beltane fire poured from the lamp into the clay! The fires of Caledon and the earth of Neualtenburg mingled to bring life from the jaws of death! She MOVED! SUCCESS!

I, Doctor Darien James Mason, have once again I have vanquished the Conqueror Worm! It is KISMET! I shall call her..


*lightning cracks and mad laughter*

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Amber_Palowakski said...

Have you succeeded in making a flesh golem, Dr.? I had contemplated trying to create one to see if I could conquer my Vampyrism.