Friday, May 25

Lending a Hand and Collecting Hands

Dear Reader,

The steamtrunk is packed and our carriage is halfway to the ocean. The good thing about Qli's doll corps du jour is I don't have to lug her engine around.

Before we left I visited Tombstone Arizona. Sheriff Ortega and Qli had already visited, so when I introduced myself to Miss Ahmina and Sheriff Riel they greeted me enthusiastically! Such vital need of medical care..and they were more than willing to indulge my research with the remains of slain criminals! "I don't judge when it comes to the pursuit of Science"m said th Sheriff. Wonderful indeed!

I took a detour to check a possible beach location for the weekend. It was clothing optional, not ky cup of tea. But I did meet a German fellow with a missing leg. I offered my services but he politely refused. In fact he had friends who WANTED to have limbs amputated and even gave me the adress of an armless lady with a likewise armless player who makes "toetyped scripts" for playing an amputee in SL!

I never cease to be amazed by this world. If someone offers me a PERFECTLY GOOD LIMB off their person, how on this digital Earth can I possible refuse???

~Dr. Mason

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Darien Mason said...

P.S. Forgive my atrocious spelling but this carriage is very bu.mpuyh OUCH who packed my saw THERE?