Tuesday, May 29

Wherever a Doctor is Needed

I took the train to Green Tombstone and found myself in Desert Tombstone! The conductor told me this happens all the time. Green Tombstone wasn't even in the travel books anymore! However, in the short time I was there able to help a Marshall with his wounds. When I did arrive in Green Tombstone, the weather was so horrible I couldn't even get up the hill! Having at least tried, I took up Kiralette's call to meet at Bardhaven. I thought this would be a consult for her ankle, but instead I found..her acting in a way that would NOT help her ankle to heal!

I did my best not to stare at her dancing on top of that mushroom. I have a reputation to uphold..and recover. But if that neko had different eyes..maybe an inch shorter..and colored fur.. she would have looked just like Lucian when..

*bites his lip, pulls off his goggles to wipe at his eyes*

..end transmission..


Kira said...

I was highly grieved when you left in such a manner, Sir, as it is not in my nature to try to offend my guests. I simply could not help myself, having very high spirits after being confined to my steampowered chair for awhile. If you still would like to see the chair, I can arrange a visit to your office-- without the high spirits.

and.. also, I'm sorry but I must ask.. who is lucien?

Darien Mason said...

It's quite alright my dear.

Lucian was the neko servant my parents..acquired. We grew up together..she was my favorite playmate. Sadly, she passed away in a tragic accident. I was so distraught I left my father's estate, never to return.

Kira said...

Oh I'm so sorry to hear that!! If there's anything I can do... I know it was a long time ago.. but if I can help to ease it ab it, let me know.