Wednesday, May 30

Tombstone in Crisis!

ADDENDUM: I almost forgot..insult to injury..the desert Tombstoners offered to let the green Tombstoners move their sim next Tombstone Arizona the two rivals would be separated by a desert "void" sim. The catch? The new neighbors would have to pay themselves to move the sim..US$100! I think it's just an excuse for them barrel into their neighbor's town and raise Hell whenever they feel like it! Keep your friends close and your enemies closer..

I finally had the chance to see my new office in green Tombstone. The town is providing the building free of charge along with supplies. I spoke at length with the proprietors of the town, Miss Ahmina and Mr. Wraith.

It seems the new owners of the desert Tombstone are as devious as Miss Fire once was. They have purchased a new sim.. Tombstone Arizona next to their older sim Broken Rose. This will confuse those trying to find the sim Tombstone in a Search, as it did me before.

FURTHER, the desert Tombstoners have placed multiple advertisements up to the point that they have excluded green Tombstone from the list!

After I pointed this out to Mr. Wraith he called an emergency meeting on a steamboat, moored in the river.

There had already been much debate on whether to change the name, but this was the nail in the coffin. The previous suggestions had been El Paso, Taos and Santa Fe. Among some sillier names bandied about were Brokeback, Canada, Tumbleweed, and Freebies. Mr. Wraith was adamant we choose from two new names, Canyon Diablo and Silverado. Since he didn't want to actually build a canyon, Silverado became the logical choice.

Back to the picture..I'm in the chair in the far left. Next to me is the lovely elder of the local Apache tribe, Howling Wolf. I mentioned that I was a Doctor and wished to know about their ways with "medicine". She pointed me to the white-haired gentleman with the bow, Two Lives. I was ready to address him when the sim cra..I mean..the boat sank. Luckily we were mere feet from the shore.

~Dr. Mason

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Fuzzball Ortega said...

That's nice. I like that particular Tombstone, and the new name is terrific