Tuesday, May 8

New Friends in High Places

I visited Steam City for a gallery opening. A work by EllieDee called Wages of Sin spoke to me, and I purchased it. The next day I toured the floating corridors and ran into a gathering of locals. Former Steelhead resident Miss Kirawil was there with her Master Lord Bardhaven. Two other local artists, Miss Natacha Chernov and Miss Katt O'Tonic were also there.

Miss O'Tonic revealed that she had purchased the very clock tower that lay outside my doorstep from Miss Tensai! I offered to take her on a tour of my home town and the site of her purchase, and she graciously accepted.

When we arrived, the tower was gone. Only the stone foundation and the mechanism remained for the barn animals to ponder. Miss O'Tonic admired my mansion and my office. She even invited EllieDee to see where his painting would show. He opened his portfolio to reveal some large works on the same theme, blocking me in the corner. He joked that I would have to buy my way out!

That's when I hit on an idea! I could turn the Foundation into an ART GALLERY to help bring in donations! Mr. EllieDee, Miss O'Tonic and her associates, possibly even Sysperia could grace my walls with paintings for sale! I could even display some of the more disturbing works in the basement! (Note to self: Ask Tensai to build trap door from the main level..)

In addition to being an Artist, Miss O'Tonic has Nursing experience as well! She graciously accepted an offer to be my assistant! Finally, SOMEONE who understands the importance of my grand designs!


Amber_Palowakski said...

When I return to SL, you must teach me the secrets of making flesh golems, Dr. Mason.

Darien Mason said...

The reanimation of flesh is an Art Forbidden for many reasons, Your Grace. I have journeyed along paths that even the Demon Prince that possessed me dared not tread. It is the full accepance of my mortality and the irredeemablity of my very soul that has allowed me to become the modern equivlalent of Necromancer Supreme.

Tana said...

I would indeed be happy to give art to raise money, and merely need contact to let me know which works you might favor.

100 percent of sales can go to the sim.

with regard,