Saturday, May 19

the Foundation

Miss Birge,

You have upset my daughter Qli as well as myself immensely by your unspeakable breach of decorum. I do not know how you were raised but I was taught that there are some things that should never be disclosed.

Your loose tongue has insulted the honor of both the Bloodwing Foundation and the Capper Brigade. Were you a man of some dignity I would challenge you to a duel. Even if you were a man I would have to mend you where you lay, lest you be carried to my office where you are no longer welcome, or worse yet expire, giving chance that part of you may one day be installed into of my Children.

Be lucky the Demon is gone, for his punishment would be anything but enjoyable.

~Dr. Mason


Fuzzball Ortega said... a member of the Capper Brigade, I have but one thing to ask......HUH?

Darien Mason said...

She revealed things to Qli about our fellow Capper that we had no right to know except from his own mouth. And it was doubly outrageous since this Capper no longer lives in Steelhead to punish her betrayal himself!

Fuzzball Ortega said...

She's the one who feels betrayed. No letters answered. She had been worried sick about him after he revealed something about his condition to her before leaving the Grid. But, he's having no problem talking to someone else from The Grid, and he won't bother to tell her that he's ok.

Plus, she has no idea what she said, alcohol will do that to you.

I'd just drop it. Got enough on my plate as it is