Sunday, June 29

Mutiny on the Narcissus

As the flagship of the Black Triremes dove, the horde of demons above deck advanced towards the forward bow with intent to rend their Captain, Bloodwing, limb from limb.

The newly reinstated Prince was quite ready to dispatch them all until a violent shift in the trajectory of New Erebus through the aether caused the ship, and the entire fleet, to spin wildly. The captain's wheel, which more resembled the wrought iron skeleton of a spiked orb with dozens of astrolabes of razorwire orbiting menacingly inside, to shriek and radiate a shower of sparks as it attempted to compensate.

Bloodwing dug his nails into the railing until it crumpled in his grip as he watched the crew and equipment fly in all directions. A purple yeti-like creature with antlers howled as he tumbled headlong into the captain's wheel, splattering Bloodwing and everything else around him in black ichor. As he murmured about losing his best cook, he felt the ripples of another portal opening...and then an absence.


He raised his head to see the hull of another Trireme descend upon the bow of the Narcissus like a hammer.

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