Wednesday, June 25

A Disambiguation of "Steampunk"

Starring Chief Librarian Sir JJ Drinkwater and Dr. Darien James Mason

A conversation rgarding the article at Secondlife ArtsParks

me: "Sid Vicious in the sauna?"
JJ: gives you quite an image, dunnit?
me: I'm not even sure how to react to it
I guess the Doctor would check him for a pulse...
JJ: Sheena is a SteamPunkrocker?
me: Sheena who?
JJ: sighs
You kiids today!
"Sheena is a punkrocker"
The Ramones
me: "punkrocker yeah yeah yeah punkrocker?"
JJ: That one, yes
me: that's what he was saying
"Machine I am...punkrocker machine I am...punkrocker!"
JJ: ooooh!!!!
Well said, sir!
me: Well that's what happens when you Spark with 80's music in the background
my personal Mondegreen
((can I blog this sublimely rediculous conversation?))
JJ: ((by all means!))
JJ: A personal Mondegreen?
Sounds like a very fast racecar...that somehow always ends up on the wrong track
me: or off the track
JJ: Drives up sides of buildings....but only when you're trying to park in front of them
me: Secondlife ArtsParks? Shouldn't it be ArtSparks? Or SparkParts?
JJ: heh
Must be that new standardized spelling

me: /me wonders if someone put something in his tea


Rhianon Jameson said...

Oh yes, Lady Mondegreen - I knew her well!

Back when William Safire did his "On Language" column for the Sunday New York Times, one of his best was all about Mondegreens. Unfortunately, it stuck with me all too well. To this day, even though I might say the right words, I think "Lead us not into Penn Station..."

Frau A. S. Lowey said...

After reading the actual lyrics to "Macarthur Park", no lyrics baffle me.

/me hides the tea chest.