Wednesday, June 11

Murder at our Doorstep

I had taken an airship to Steelhead to attend a town meeting and speak with the Sheriff about some surprising results of testing the Hand, but my vessel fell headlong into violent storms. Even the Marconi equipment was damaged. I weathered the storm until it disapated and turned back to Babbage. When I got back the paperboy showed me this:

I haven't had the chance to view the body yet. I would simpy reanimate her, but if she was infected with the Hand bacteria when she died, who knows what would happen.

I will still Host at the Muses Playhouse tonight. With all the misery in town right now, their spirits need to be lifted as badly as their immune systems. The show, as they say, must go on.

ADDENDUM: Using my mystic training I was able to contact the spirit of the Departed. She thanked me for the offer, but she stated she solely wished for Rest. If she decides not to "go towards the light", she is welcome to contact me again, and I will build her a new form with what is available.

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