Tuesday, June 10

Collected Notes on the Progress (and lack thereof) on the Hand Dilemna

(Reprinted from the Society Journal for your convenience)

7 June

Ash retrieved the samples. The safest route as he has no respiratory system to infect. Sanitized chassis with galvanic field afterwards.Get update from Beaumonts on autoclave.Despite the appearance of death it would appear that the tissue samples remain alive...hence the resurgence of blood at the wound, cellular regeneration seen under microscope, for what goal? Parallels to Mason formula of Reanimation Serum cannot be ignored. Cannot confirm eye-witness report that musculature is still active.The hand is closer to Reptilian than any other known species. Claw possesses opposable thumb! Strong indication of intelligence. Draconian? Claw was severed using a sharp, long thin blade...sword? Research origin: island of Svarga in Southern hemisphere. Slain by Mr. Yifu's grandfather: Stanley Effingham.Scrapings from the claws: sandy soil and dried blood from several species. Test for traces of human RBCs: POSITIVE

Ash had delivered an addition sample...cooked medium rare, on a bun??Oh no. The fool has disposed of the claw by cutting it up and serving it at a local tavern!!!This nation SERIOUSLY needs a Minister of Health!

9 June, 5am
Miss Lily and Miss Vivian have had minimal symptoms from exposure to the Hand and seem to have completely recovered. At first I thought it may have been from their strengthened immune systems developed due to the nature of the profession. However when they mentioned that they had great-great-grandparents from Svarga (from the area the Hand originated) I made the connection.Both ladies have consented to submit blood samples. I will work on isolating an antibody for as long as it takes.Symptoms have progressed from bloody cough to green mucous. Also reports that what remains of the Hand itself has begun to turn green and shrivel as well.I will continue to this line of research for the rest of the day and into the night until I have a cure!-Dr. Mason

9 June, 11pm

Isolating antibodies not enough...the solution is undoubtedly more complex. The best I can do now is treat the symptoms while everyone goes on a scavenger hunt for ingredients, which I will gladly test and synthesize should they hold promise.People are telling me they saw me in the shadows at times when I was busy in the lab. It must be mistaken identity, or delirium. He can't have survived. HE CAN'T! I can't even think straight. I must rest. I did not mean to give you false hope, New Babbage. I am sorry.

10 June
Conflicting reports of Mr. Yifu's health (Patient Zero) as violently ill despite personal claims of improvement. Explorers scouring the city and departing in all directions looking for anything that can help. Will test a more refined vitamin treatment.

Rumors of a "healing well". Will test water purity, compare with saline solution.

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