Thursday, June 12

No Cure yet, but at least a Treatment

The diluted form of an anti-lycanthropy treatment does appear to be alleviating the symptoms. They finally plan to burn that cursed Hand. And of course they're going to stand around and gawk at it and inhale the fumes. In so many ways New Babbage is an experiment in Social Darwinism.

Still trying to bring some fresh ideas to Novem despite the plagues and murders. Build more specialized rooms. Plant a giant absinthe fairy on the roof to entice customers. Fix the stairs.

I finally had the chance to make the acquaintance of Miss Alter. Why waste your skills on people so eager to infect themselves, she asked. After discussing the virtues of leeches as medical treatment, I was invited to her laboratory. Indeed she has innovative ideas.

We spoke at length about what defines us as good and evil. Is it the heritage of the monsters we were born from that cast shadows on our souls? The societal behaviors we embrace or reject? The acts of putting your children in danger or denying them a chance to fulfill thier destinies? Or is it just the ignorance of the masses that chase us with torches and pitchforks? Can Conscience or the blind pursuit of Science justify anything?

Much to think about indeed...

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Evil Tiny Kitty said...

A pleasure to meet you too Dr. Mason.

Whether your ultimate decision is for good or for evil, you must liberate yourself...