Tuesday, June 3

Linden Labs Cries Uncle?


They've extended the deadline and are looking for more volunteers. Hmmm.

Quoth the Lindens...

All exhibits, in substance and form, are PG on Linden Land. Any Resident can submit an application to exhibit. A team of Lindens and Resident organizers will review the applications, and if accepted, builders can be in any avatar form they choose (provided they are within PG guidelines).

Which could mean you could be refused for being primarily in a child avatar, but if you show up as a child after your build is up there's nothing they can do about it.
Maybe I'm just being cynical.


Why the change? Simply put, the increasing complexity of these events requires more staffing and infrastructure than an all-volunteer organizing team. Second, we are responding to calls by Residents to take a more active role in improving the quality of life on the Mainland. Our intent is always to keep SL growing, vibrant, safe, diverse, astonishing….and eventually even stable ;-).

I've got to pity those Mainlanders if they're asking the Lindens to improve their quality of life. That's like asking the guy who runs the boiler room to be the head of your condo association.

Just my $2L. I think I'll still go to the Kids SL5B celebration instead. I haven't had cotton candy in years.


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