Thursday, June 19

Novem: Boilerplate Day Celebration, Wed. 25 June

June 25th is officially Boilerplate Day in New Babbage, a celebration of constructs, robots, androids, clanks, mecha, dolls, nanobytes...a way to let all of our self-aware artificial friends, loved ones and servants know that we truly appreciate and care about them.

Being the Creator of many such beings, including Qlippothic, Gematria and Ash, I can tell you that AIs are people too. I...

*removes his goggles and takes a deep breath*

(And yes my children, I love you all. I miss you Qli. I hope you'll come back to our Age again soon. first creation...I'm sorry I failed you. I accept you have a new name and your own directives. Give me the chance to get to know you again. Bloodwing is gone, you shouldn't let me abandon you as well to my Spark. Ash, don't be afraid to interrupt me. It's as important for me to help you develop your psyche as it is your frame. And to all my lovely Dolls...I gave you life, I built you or repaired you, and I promise to help you maintain it. You are no less important to me than the constructs I call Family, and you can be Family as well if you choose.)

This event will be held at 7pm on the lawn outside the building. That way we avoid excessive exhaust and radium exposure. Also I realize that some of our mechanical friends have forms too big to fit in the building itself!

Best Male and Best Female Android may not work in this situation, since some AIs lack a definable gender. Therefore the prizes will go to MOST INTIMIDATING CONSTRUCT and CUTEST CONSTRUCT. So yes, both ED-209 and WALL-E could theoretically win the same event. Prizes are still being considered. I'm willing to offer a one-hour maintenance session to any winner. I may also offer an online gift certificate.

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MissLily said...

We have finalized the prizes for this week's contests: Prize for Cutest Construct is a Lil' Dolly AV, from the very talented and extremely generous katat0nik Pidgeon. For the Most Intimidating Construct, Flea Bussy is contributing a coupon for Grendel's children, one free avatar from anywhere in the store!