Thursday, June 19

Foundation Day (pics to follow)

Dear Miss Orr,

Thank you for the box of rabid squirrels and tin of chocolate laxatives. The practical uses for these gifts know no bounds!

Dear Colenel O'Toole,

Thank you saving the works of the Bard from ruin through your valiant efforts to make my rendition of a bored and jaded King Theseus from A Midsummer Night's Dream somewhat palatable. While I have mastered cellular regeneration and time travel, upgrading Mac freeware seems to be beyond my skillset.

Dear Miss Lily and Miss Vivian,

Thank you SO much for staging that event for me! The reenactment of the Girls on Film video by your staff was a nice touch. I do hope you have recovered from that nasty case of the Babbage Flu!

And for everyone else, thank you for attending the Imperium Novem/Foundation Day party at the Muses Playhouse last night! Over 25 avatars crowded the main floor in Greco-Roman attire to watch our Muse Eve Eyres perform the Dance of the Seven Veils. Then they were treated to the sounds of Radio Riel by my dear friend Dr. Mitsu Figaro, with several selections influenced by my list of favorites.

I read several pieces of Roman trivia (some subject to debate) for prizes, and let them guess my Deva's age.

The Best Costumes for the night were won by Emperor Clausius (aka Baron Klaus Wulfenbach) and the Minoan Priestess, Eugenia Burton.

*hides the rest of the pictures in his drawer*

~Dr. Mason

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