Monday, June 16

Happy Occasions!

A whirl of green and salacious talk reigned as Dr. Mitsu Figaro heralded her return to the Grid for a dance in Winterfell Absinthe!

Lumina Elvejhem celebrated her second year on the Grid with a party in her skybox that would make the Medici family jealous!

Let's not forget all of the Fathers out there, either. Wear your ties and cologne proudly!

And most wonderful of all, Kira's player brought new life to the world last night. Take a rest my dear, you deserve it!


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Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

I had not heard young Alexander had made his appearance; I am glad to get the news despite the delay (too many staff issues at the Castle, sweet lightning - Boris is overworked). I told her some time in the past a good middle name for him would be 'Klaus'.