Friday, June 13

Foundation Day at Imperium Novem: 18 June, 7:30pm

Even thought the Bloodwing Foundation is no more, I think it's still important to celebrate the birthday of the Deva that guides the destinies of all the family members. Even if he has crushed us and scattered us to the winds. Perhaps he can be supplicated to grant us a happier and prosperous year to come.

It will be held in Babbage Pallisades at the Muses Playhouse (SLURL at the bottom of this journal), the theme will be Ancient Roman, so wear your toga. Apparently the first Seventh Son to start this tradition was a Senator. I'm sure the Founder fed well.

Escorts (the kind to walk you home safely) will be provided for the ladies of Babbage in light of recent events.

~Dr. Mason

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