Friday, June 20

Finally, a Cure!!

The disease had become mutagenic. Those who ingested the flesh or "nectar" of the Hand or had even been too close were growing scales and fangs, and most terrifyingly an insatiable desire to consume human flesh. I ceased testing immediately and compiled the compounds that Dr. Dayafter and I had spent weeks synthesizing. My Spark turned every piece of metal I could reach into an ether-oscillation distance vaccination device.

I met a group of concerned citizens and gave them a crash course in innoculation of hostile patients.

Within an hour we found our first patient. I was ready to open fire with the treatment, but one of our company was able to apply a cure with a bit of subterfuge.

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MissLily said...

Doc--I'm afraid that the man you inoculated last weekend has suffered a relapse. He's been surly and argumentative. I hope it's not because of the "cure," and just his general demeanor. Sincerely, a very concerned MissLily Nightfire