Friday, June 6

The Gearz Grand Opening, and Fuzzball's Birthday

Two wonderful occasions in one! The theme was "Steampunk", so I decided to attend in my new Mason Labs Brass Man Pressure Suit (reverse-engineered from schematics freely distributed by Stark Labs)to test the flexibility of movement. Except for the slow reaction time expected from a large amount of prim movement in one space, it worked quite well. I'm grateful the glass floor under our feet was strong enough to hold my 100-pound exoskeleton, since the suit was still not 100% airtight and falling into open pipes of molten metal would have ruined my night.

A spectacular build, this Gearz. The spectacular view of the basement, the rich wood paneling, and the opulant DJ booth take that hard-to-capture essense fo Steelhead's Gaslamp Fantasy ideal to a whole new level. I predict I'll be showingup there quite often...just not wearing so many prims.

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