Friday, June 6

I lost my arm but I still have a brain

They're pulling me back. The Pandoran has been freed by Jeremiah. He must have thought it was the corpse of Bloodwing. He was partially correct. Why didn't I throw that crate into a volcano? Why did I wait to eject it into the aether before we were intercepted?

This is all my fault. I never should have built the Retcon Device. Koen would still be at home recovering. My daughter wouldn't be sacrificing herself to save us.

I see Jeremiah's body suspended in that oozing abomination. Is he still alive in there? Or has his soul escaped to another body on this ship, or somewhere back on Earth?

It's driven to reunite with what it was separated from. From the demon. From me, from when the demon and I tried to blend one form and one soul. From Ash, a signle fragment carrying a soul of its own.

My mechanical arm is destroyed. Too flimsy to wield as an axe of even a club. I am exhausted from the torture...not enough energy left to invoke with one hand. Just give me a pistol...something with range...

It has to have a weakness. Part we have holy water? It has Mason clonetype DNA...concentrated...


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