Thursday, June 5

danger all-consuming

Bloodwing's flame over his crown sputtered and his eyes grew wide in alarm as Qli-3 told him that Jeremiah Mason had emerged in another cloned body. He brushed aside the shattered remains of the last Steel drones with a rush of his wings as he strode bare-hooved back to where Qli-3 was entwined by massive chains into the pulsing crystalline engines of the floating city dubbed New Erebus.

"Darien...brought the Pandoran with him? He transported my corrupted remains along with the shell?" He paused to look at the lobster-like arm of his servant he had just destroyed, then continued to gesture with it. "Did he not realize...?"

"He was going to eject the crate into deep space before they drones captured us! So Earth would never unearth such horror by accident!" I expained with urgency. His stance of supreme confidence faded as his wings lowered. He furrowed his brow in concern.

"It seeks to become complete again, but it will consume everything in its path. It will head straight for those it used to be part of. If it's already absorbed Jeremiah's new clone, which is identical to Darien's form...that means it's almost as powerful as myself now. It will sense Darien and the shard of my bone that is now Ash, and compound its strength."

"And if it absorbs you Father," continued Qli-3, "only the gods could stop it!" The demon growled under his breach as he looked up at the fleet of black ships, then back at the chitinous limb carried in his hand, which he tucked under his arm.

"It seems I'll have a use for them after all!" He crouched, then bolted upwards towards the lead ship.

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