Thursday, May 1

OOC: The Fires Lit

The deva was complaining bitterly about a failed event the demon had hosted, when I should have been sent to Caledon to watch the Beltane fires. So much had changed since the last Spring rite.

I had just been freed of the demon's possession. I danced shirtless with Nurse Christensen, ecstatic in my liberation. The Founder's markings had not yet faded from my skin. Qlippothic..."Qli-1" as I posthumously refer to her now...was revelling in a new magickal form of lust and lava swirling in wings of flame. Sharing hushed laughter and sighs with her closest companions. Koen, who had just become my apprentice, made an appearance. Even my clockwork daughter ARI showed up to leap into my arms. It was a time of such hope and happiness...

Now that hope is tinged with bitterness and loss. The shadow of Doom overtakes my family like gathering stormclouds. And the lightning will strike more than once.

This year I stood guard at midnight beside Frau Lowey, guarding the revelers against unknown dangers from the West. We breezed by a circle of standing stones to greet some friends I have seen far too rarely as of late. We then converged at the Consulate for the Germanic Spring festival, Walpurgisnacht. The facade of a mountain with lit campfires along the peak's silhouette made the bonfire on the front lawn seem gigantic. I felt the presence of my friends, but could not identify them beneath the masques.

Dancing around a campfire is a rare event for me. Sadly it was not in the cards this holiday as the energies were rising just as my deva's spirit was sliding into troubled sleep.

Yet still it was a marvelous sight to behold. And being surrounded by friends old and new left me with a shining sliver of hope to pierce the dark clouds as my adventures continue.

~Dr. Mason

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