Thursday, May 1

OOC: The Most Difficult Farewell

Mrs. Laura Flintlock, a Spark reknowned for her fusion of domestic and military functions into everyday devices, is surrendering her avatar to the Void tomorrow at Noon SLT. She is calling it a "De-Rez" party. She seems committed to her decision, and I do not feel it is my place or within my ability to stop her.

I am not privy to the specifices of her deva's situation, but I do know the anguish of having to ponder the decision to let go of this Virtual World and all the joys and wonders contained therein.

I will fire your Chimney Sweep Cannon in a 21-gun salute in your honour, Madam! Bloodwing has guaranteed you a safe trip across the Styx, should your trail wander in that direction. And as my daughter Qli-3 told you, should you ever wish to reincarnate or be re-animated in any form, my ouija board is always open.

On behalf of the entire Bloodwing Foundation I convey our most solemn respects.

~Dr. Darien Mason

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