Wednesday, April 30

OOC: Caledon Technology News

This is Dr. Darien Mason, live from the shopping frenzy at the Silverscreen sim!

Eccentric Inventors across the Realm of the Roses are up in arms over Stark International's flooding of the market with free Iron Man suits of armour from the Silverscreen sim.

Even after a lorry delivering the crates was attacked by an areoplane, a temporal device froze the attack just as it was severing the bridge upon which the vehicle was driving.

"What garish colours!", howled a Professor K________ as he examined the box. "Bright red and yellow! Where's the shine of copper and brass? Why do they call it Iron Man if there's not so much as a steel rivet on it?"

"And there's no moving parts!", quipped Miss M_______ as she kicked the shin of a display model. "No rotating gears, no steam vents, no coal chute or even a clockwork key! No Caledonian would be caught dead in this contraption!"

Then I mentioned that it was fully modifiable, copiable, and transferrable, and they fainted dead away.

Not only Steam Age technologists were upset at this giveaway. A pale female android in black leather was seen tapping the chest repulsor plate and lamenting, "Oi chummer! I paid multi-K Lincreds to 'quip a fusion reactor portal to my bodybox, and here you haz it freewarez! GOLDMINE! True, it's not transparent like mine, but still...OI!"

"I think it's great!", cheered a clockwork Mr. A______. "My builder is on a limited budget and sometimes a simple dermal layer just won't do. I can retrofit this easily! And the detachable AO-gyroscope will give me a heroic stance even when I'm not wearing it the rig! Maybe now I can 'get chicks' like the Founder..."

Whoa there! Oh, these new constructs...straight from the mouths of babes as it were!

From a neighboring diarama, King L______ scoffed at the idea of equiping his hoplite infantry with 21st century technology.

"Repulsors? We don't need any stinking REPULSORS! THIS! IS! SPAR-TA!!!"

After which he kicked this reporter down a well.

At another platform I tried to ask to interview a large construct but he seemed to be...running a diagnostic on a horseless carriage.

"Beat it! Give some Autobots some privacy! You think poseballs this big grow on energon trees?"

*rushes off with a cart full of boxes*

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