Monday, May 5

The Shadow and the Spark, The Genius and the Servant

It's Nature's way of teling you something's wrong

The story is not done, but the aftermath has begun. I became that which I despised the most. The restored memories won't let me keep an Angel Heart. I have seen the symptoms before in the wake of battle. The tremors and the white hot tears. The explosive outbursts. Always they whispered if I could do it over again. But for me it was why did I let it happen again. Even for a moment if I were still possessed...

IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT! I cried as I slammed the door never to see him again, and I knew he was right.

I had not been to the Supportforhealing sim in at least a year. The cherry petals floated in the warm breeze on a palate of fragrance. The shining idol of the Reclining Buddha watched the circling swans from over my shoulder. The unmanned kiosk offered a yellow ribbon as a lifeline to every passerby.

Desperately striving to save her kin even as they begged me for an end to it all. I only conceded when the snakes hatched.

Exactly the same events, from two vantage points. Two Dariens. One young, one old. One innocent, one scarred. One struggling with his destiny, one fatelocked. One master and one heir...and one neko. And the secret suffering patients. So many victims. One tormentor.

I missed her so. Now she's mine again. But I never wanted her like this.

It's enough to drive one mad.

Jealous of myself. Jealous of myself.

Concerned friends prodded me. I was not in a talkative mood. But I was being honored in SteamSkyCity as a Misunderstood Genius along with Caledon's other resident Sparks and their loyal servants. The Vaudeville Villain. The Enlightened Dictator. The Scheming Kitten. And yet more examples of Darkness harnessed and embraced. It was a chance to revel in what I had become.

They kept a safe distance as I danced with my sharp prosthesis. Except for the damaged Doll with the intriguing arm and intricate designs, a Minion who sought a new Genius to serve. Protected but underutilized. Over absinthe we only barely began to discuss the Paths of Genius and the anguish of being a labelled a Doll.

Doll: Noun. 1) A child's toy in the shape of a person or baby. 2) A woman or girl who is pleasant to look at. 3) A nice or helpful person.

The description is so dangerously vague. Of all the constructs that have sought me for repairs and advice and sympathy, I have seen the entire range. Built to be pretty? Built to be adored? Built to model? Built to serve? Built to satisfy unspeakable urges? Indeed...the word is as dangerously vague as...Genius.

I will see if I can help. I will see if she can help.


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Evil Tiny Kitty said...

Hmm, a new minion? Lucky you...perhaps. I am sorry that I missed a chance to revel in being recognized alongside my other "misunderstood" colleagues this past weekend, but RL concerns unfortunately called my typist away.

"Scheming Kitten"? Hmm...I like that a bit.