Saturday, June 27

A Fresh Start


"Good Evening, Ladies and Gentlemen! I am Doctor Darien James Mason, Captain of the aethership Clockwork Caravel. Behind me you see my children, Gematria and Ash. They are free-willed clockwork constructs. Children, would you like to introduce yourselves and explain our mission?"

"Gladly, Father! I am Gematria Mason. Our employers at Clockwork Couture have asked us to explore the myriad worlds of aetherspace, and retrieve artifacts and accouterments of interest to you, the discerning Neo-Victorian!"

"Greetings. I am Ash Mason, the Engineer for the Clockwork Caravel. During our adventures we will be providing links with detailed information on clothing and gear we have especially useful, which luckily for our Steampunk audience will be available from Clockwork Couture. Father?"

"Yes, we understand our adventures will introduce us to an entirely new audience. Those of you who wish read our adventures in our former home of Second Life are welcome to peruse through my journal and Gematria's. To clarify, Gem's name was originally Qlippothic, but after the second unit...*shrugs* well, it's an interesting read. Gematria! Set course for...Hmm? What is it Ash?"

"Our engines are still aimed at Zindra."

"What? Oh! Dear me, that would have been embarrassing wouldn't it? Recalibrate the engines please."

"Yes Father."

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HeadBurro Antfarm said...

I'm looking forwardto this new chapter greatly!