Friday, June 26

The Reckoning

"People of the Second Life! I am Doctor Darien James Mason onboard the aethership Gygax II! In retaliation for for my unjust banishment, my Aether Cannon is positioned and charged to annihilate the monumentally ill-conceived project of the Lindens, the continent of Zindra! To show I mean no harm to the Residents of the Grid I am giving you all five minutes to jump off your poseballs and pack up your..."

"Doctor Mason?"

"RED FIRE! What is it, Gematria? Can't you see I'm in the middle of my monologue?"

"We have an incoming call from a Miss Abigail from Clockwork Couture. They wish to discuss a corporate sponsorship!"

"I can't be distracted with...pardon? Corporate..?"

"Line #2, Doctor."


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hba said...

LOL! Top hole, sir!